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Watch a rocket-powered bicycle go 333km/h

Published by on Nov 12th, 2014, No Comments

Francois Gissy Rocket Bike

If someone were to ask you if a bicycle would beat out a Ferrari in a drag race you’d probably think the person is insane or that this is a trick question. Well, you’d be right in thinking that it is a trick question, because it is.

Recently in France, a bicycle took on a Ferrari o  a drag strip and won. The only catch is that the bicycle is rocket-powered.

At the Circuit Paul Ricard in France, one (crazy) Frenchman attempted to break his own world record of reaching an unthinkable speed on a humble bicycle, pumped up with a rocket.

Francois Gissy is definitely not a sissy. The man bravely climbed up upon his rocket-powered bicycle and jetted off on the drag strip. Incredibly, he reached a speed of an astonishing 333km/h or 207 miles per hour. Oh, and did we mention he reached this top speed in under 7 seconds?

This record is much faster than his original record that stood at 262km/h or 163 miles per hour.

It wasn’t just Gissy and his bicycle on the strip, though. To make matters more entertaining – and to add pressure, no doubt – Gissy and his rocket-powered bike went up against a Ferrari 430 Suderia. And what do you know, Gissy and his bicycle sent the poor Ferrari packing!

In the video below you can see all the action from various different angles. But what is perhaps most impressive is the sound – it literally sounds like a jet plane is flying past wen t Gissy zooms past on his bike.

Rocket Bike vs Ferrari

People seem to be really into rockets these days, as just last week we reported on a rocket-powered school bus that also went very, very fast. You can check that out here.

For now, please enjoy a crazy guy, speeding on a rocket-powered bicycle at 333km/h.




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