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Volkswagen’s no texting and driving ad hits hard

Published by on Jun 10th, 2014, No Comments

keep your eyes on the road volkswagen

We all know (hopefully) that using your mobile phone while driving is an absolute no no. Whether you are making phone call, sending a text or checking your social media, it is extremely dangerous to use your phone while you are operating a vehicle.

Sure, you might think that you are only taking your eyes off the road for one second, but one second is all you need to cause a terrible accident.

This is what Volkswagen tries to illustrate in their latest ad, promoting the responsible use of mobile phones while driving. And by responsible we mean NOT using your mobile phone at all.

The ad, which was first shown to people in Korea, integrated clever technology to really have a great on effect on the people.

Unsuspecting movie-goers enter the movie theatre and get ready to watch a film. Before the film starts, an ad appears. The ad is a first person view of someone casually driving a car. Fast forward a few seconds and suddenly, everyone in the movie theatre receive a text message at the same time. Naturally, they all look down to their phones and read the message. And just as they do, the car in the ad on screen crashes into a tree – obviously giving the audience one helluva fright.

To make the ad have its full impact, the movie theatre was rigged with a location based broadcaster that enabled the people behind the stunt to send a mass text message to everyone in the theatre.

Needless to say, this is a brilliant way of getting people to really realize the impact that texting and driving can have on your life. We cannot stress enough how important it is to NOT use your phone when you drive, so please dear readers, don’t do it.

If you still fancy yourself a daredevil, check out Volkswagen’s ad below. Perhaps then you will have a change of heart: