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Up close and personal with the BMW i8

Published by on May 5th, 2014, No Comments

BMW i8

While we have known about the BMW i8 for months now – the much anticipated Hybrid electric luxury car has finally made it’s official debut at last week’s New York Auto Show.

The i8, which serves as both an electric and hybrid car, is definitely one to draw attention. However, besides it’s sleek modern and somewhat futuristic looks, the car is actually a celebration of what modern, green technology can bring to the auto industry.

The car features an astonishing 362 horsepower. That’s quite the powerful car. It combines a 3 cylinder petrol engine with an addition electric engine which obviously attributes to the car’s high horsepower.

According to BMW, the i8 can run on the electric engine alone for approximately 35 kilometers. Granted, that’s not very far at all, but at least it’s further than 20.

BMW is also very proud of the fact that recycled material is used throughout the entire car. The passenger ‘cell’, however, is made of carbon fibre.

Naturally, a modern day car such as the i8 will feature some of the best technology there is. It has a complete digital instrument display, rain sensors (!) and of course BMW’s iDrive system.

The i8 will be available to purchase in a few months and is tipped to hit the market at $135,700 or R1,424,035,80. That’s some price tag!

Mashable attended the NY Auto Show and captured this wonderful video of the i8, complete with an interview with Jose Guerrero, BMW’s ProductManager. You can check it out below:


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