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Ultimate Porsche 911 GT-3 fail in Jo’Burg

Published by on Apr 3rd, 2014, No Comments


You may or may not have seen this video sometime this week. But whether you have or haven’t, there’s no harm in seeing it again…and again… and again. Because this video is pure gold.

On Monday, a South African YouTube user uploaded a video of himself following a man who is busy test driving the Porsche 911 GT-3. While the first half of the video simply shows the Porsche driving smoothly, the second half is way more exciting and will definitely ensure many ‘laugh out loud’ moments.

As the driver pulls away at a robot, with a lot of speed we might add, his test drive goes from fun and calm to disastrous/hilarious!

However, the one that that makes this video so exceptionally funny, is the running commentary from the guy taking the video – in a typical, Jo’Burg boytjie style. Too good!

The video (obviously) went viral and, since its upload on Monday, has almost racked up 200 000 views on YouTube.

Please check out the video below – we guarantee that you won’t regret it:

Source: YouTube

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