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Tony Hawk jumps over moving Mini

Published by on May 26th, 2014, No Comments

Tony Hawk Mini

Ever wondered what would happen if you give one of the world’s best skateboarders the opportunity to do a trick over a moving car? Well, this.

Superstar skateboarder, Tony Hawk, recently pushed the limits once again when he literally performed an olley (to us non skateboarders, a pretty high jump) over a moving Mini Cooper S. And the result was something pretty spectacular.

Mr. hawk is not new to jumping over cars, either. A couple of years ago he attempted the same feat, by jumping over a Lexus LS. However, the Lexus was not moving – in fact, the car wasn’t even on – and it was parked sideways, which means he only had to jump over the width of the car and not the length.

This time around, he took on a Mini. While it was driving. At a considerable speed. And he jumped over the length of the car.

The stunt is part of a ‘celebration’ (which actually means marketing/promotion stunt) of the new partnership between Mini US and Tony Hawk’s Birdhouse Skateboard Tour.

There is one special part of the stunt though. Just as Tony is about to take the jump, launching himself of the ramp, the Mini actually crashes into the ramp; a few split seconds after Tony launched himself off it. Very impressive indeed. We’re pretty sure Tony was hoping the driver’s timing was as good as his…

So without further a due, check out the cool video below:



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