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This is the world’s most expensive motor home

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When you think of a motor home, you can’t help but picture a 80’s style karavaan slowly making its way down to the seaside from up North. However, this motor home (or RV is you will) is nothing like the caravans you see in Hartenbos over December. It’s actually like a moving mansion.

The element Palazzo is the world’s most expensive and most luxurious motor home and has (surprisingly) just been sold to an unmanned owner in the city of lux – Dubai.

This seriously pimped out RV was sold for a whopping $3 million. But once you see what this RV holds both inside and outside you can still try and make sense of the exuberant price tag.

Developed by Marchi Mobile – an Austrian company founded by former trucking mogul Mario Marchi – this RV is the stuff dreams are made of. That is if you dream of luxury motor homes covered in actual gold. 

The huge vehicle rests on a DAF XF105 chassis, the same chassis used in many semi trucks. As for the engine, it runs on a Volvo engine to ensure “easy servicing”. The exterior of the RV is covered in gold. Yes, real gold.

But ut is the inside that is most intriguing and frankly, rather strange.

The vehicle features a slide out room along with a so-called ‘Sky Lounge’ that offers banquet style seating. The lounge simply rises out of the truck’s body to create what the designer calls a ‘rooftop nightclub’. This sure takes the notion of a party bus to a whole new level.

It also features a mood0lit canopy, bar and sound system. A for the boudoir, out has it’s own en suite bathroom and underfloor heating. There is even a fireplace on board the element Palazzo – although we don’t know how safe that is.






The vehicle can reportedly reach a top speed of 93mph, although we doubt that it will ever travel that fast considering everything it houses.

The first one has been sold and Marchi Mobile is confident the demand for more eleMMent Palazzo’s will increase. The RV is also scheduled to do a ‘world tour’ in the US next year.

While it is amazing that you can basically own a moving mansion, we kind of feel that this seems to be a huge waste of money. However, that being said, it will probably be way more comfortable traveling to your holiday destination in this thing than your dad’s karavaan from the 80’s.

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