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The all new Ferrari 488 GTB – a new era for Ferrari?

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When it comes to Ferrari’s, there is no denying that one of the most popular and loved Ferrari’s is the 458. With it’s classic lines and undeniable Ferrari feel, the 458 has become somewhat of a favourite amongst Ferrari fanatics worldwide.

However, the time has arrived for the 458 to take a step back so that it’s successor can take centre stage.  And this successor is called the Ferrari 488 GTB – and for all intensive purposes, this is one mean car.

While the 488 GTB is called the successor of the 458, there is one, crucial difference that makes the newer model that much different from the 458; the 488 GTB, is boosted. As any knowledgable Ferrari fan will tell you, the 458 is famed for it’s naturally aspirated V8 engine. The 488 GTB does not have the same engine – and it’s right here where critics are divided as to whether or not the new, boosted car is a good thing or a bad thing.

To settle the argument (or perhaps prolong it), the Drive channel got three Ferrari experts together to discuss this exact topic and whether or not this ‘new era’ for Ferrari is worth it or not.

Check it out below:



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