2010 Mercedes E-Class Sedan Styling Kit by ATT

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ATT Styling Kit for 2010 Mercedes E-Class Sedan 3

The 2010 Mercedes E-Class W212 Sedan has just got better looks thanks to a new styling kit by German tuners Autotechnik + Tuning (ATT) that promises to bring the “pleasant original deluxe-sportster” looks that would take your eyes away with its aerodynamic changes. Speaking of changes it brings new spoilers at the front and back, front grill (that we don’t buy in, with the empty circle), and side skirts, with exhaust pipes hidden under the rear spoiler, for €6,452. On top of that, for another €3,869 you’re getting new 9×20″ or 10.5×20″ alloy wheels (that we don’t buy in) and Hankook S1 EVO high performance tires. A bit too much, don’t you think …

W212 E-Class Tuning Program from Carlsson

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We’ve always been impressed with what tuners from Carlsson come up with, but the latest W212 E-Class Tuning Program definitely proves as a disappointment for us. Maybe it’s the 20-inch wheels or the side lines that got our negative vote, but bottom line we’re not going to buy it (as if we’d afford it – haha).

Expected to be showed off at the 2009 Bodensee Tuning World Auto Show in Germany, the “upgraded” W212 is going to feature a vertically-running LED daytime lights, a stainless steel mesh grille, a redesigned front apron, while the rear got an integrated diffuser, a spoiler and some interesting steel tailpipes. However, there is something we like about it. The interior. It features a set of brushed aluminum pedals, Alcantara leather, a white illuminated Carlsson logo and aluminum door locking pins that charm you at a first glance. [ has more details]

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