Volkswagen Passat with the world's first turbocharged CNG engine

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Volkswagen Passat with the world’s first turbocharged CNG engine

Volkswagen acknowledged these days, with the voice of its Managing Director, Reiner Mangold, that they are working to develop the world’s first turbocharged compressed natural gas (CNG) engine that could get 150hp from a small 1.4 TSI model. It will be used to equip Passat CNG early in 2008 while Golf and Touran will get it later, by the end of the year.

Considering that the cost of petrol is about 50% higher than compressed natural gas which is sold for a little less than €0.90 per liter, I am sure there would be a lot of people to pay for a Volkswagen Passat CNG with such performances. The only problem would be its price, because you can be sure that’s going to run up.


Autostyle Newsletter Issue 104

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More currency gains means lower prices! This weeks r is just that, the sought after is now reduced to R3500 set of 4, these are available in multiple 4 hold PCD’s (4/100, 4/108 & 4/114).

Vw Golf I crystal inner & outer lights have also been reduced to a mere R230/pair. Theres a handful of new audio products as well as Racelines new to fit Vw Mk4. This glass-fibre bumper includes centre wire mesh and sports a gti-esque black plastic bumper grids. The perfect facelift for your Mk4 Golf.


Porsche likely to buy VW this week

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Volkswagen has a bit of a reputation in the German auto industry as carrying some “bloat”. Workers are paid 20% more than the German average, the company has funded the high-profile but incredibly costly Bugatti Veyron, and remarkably few synergies have been developed with its other automotive divisions such as Audi. Recently appointed VW CEO Martin Winterkorn has been working hard to change some of VW’s ways, but Porsche’s entry as majority shareholder will likely shake things up even more. (more…)

VW Golf 6 Update

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golf vi

Fans of the iconic VW Golf range will have to wait with bated breaths, as the appearance of the the Golf VI is likely to be postponed. An interview with VW’s head of development Ulrich Hackenburg at the Shanghai Show established that VW’s best seller will not be replaced next spring as per original plans. Apparently, the current Golf V is still selling well and there isn’t sufficient reason to effect a hasty replacement. (more…)

Speed and Sound

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Issue 73 of the ever popular Speed and Sound once again features the best local content from South Africa.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a Drag car featured on the cover but trust me, this one is worth it. It’s a Chev Firenza, dubbed Freshly Squeezed for obvious reasons. In its lucent orange paint it has to be one of the best looking door slammers this side of the equator.

We feature two highly modified Opel TS’, one is a Speed and Sound sponsored racer while the other hails from the sleepy town of Orkney. We also go in depth to show you what makes the C20LET (Opel TS Motor) so strong and potent.


Pimp my Ride beetle up for sale

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Here’s one more “Pimp My Ride” project vehicle that’s up for sale. Gus, a reader of Carscoop, discovered Lawanna’s VW Bug that aired on MTV’s Pimp My Ride Show episode 414, on the Los Angeles area Craiglist. The seller –we don’t know for sure if it’s Lawanna, is asking a mere $40,000. Not bad at all for a rustbucket on wheels that was half-way to the scrapyard before Xzibit took over.


The VW Beetle’s theme was “Hair Force One” due to the fact that Lawanna was a hair stylist who was about to enter the air force. Among other things that the GAS crew did, was to install a sink with shampoo and conditioner dispensers in the front, as well as waterproof speakers and an iPod nano. Inside the car features a high-power hair dryer that got air via a scoop on the car’s roof.

Issue 71 Speed and Sound

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Issue 71 of the Speed and Sound is hot on the shelves. This jam packed issue features some of the most inspirational vehicles we’ve ever laid eyes on.

Our cover car hails from the Big Boss Auto stable. This ultra rare two door Golf IV will keep you glued to the pages in amazement and awe. One-off wheels and mesmerizing paint job make this VW something special.

Just as rare is the Topsport tuned VW Corrado, yup, you heard right, a VW Corrado running a turbo VR6 lump with looks to match. It’s been a long time coming but finally it’s here, between our pages in all it’s glory.

In a change from what we’ve grown accustomed to, a box-shape Nissan Sentra Coupe graces us with its presence. Fully customized, inside and out, with a meaty turbo power plant to boot.

Hailing from the shores of Japan but now terrorizing the streets of South Africa, Des Gutziet’s Top Secret R34 Skyline is an absolute monster. I drove with him round Wesbank to give you a first hand account of the raw power this beast possesses.

The tech section gives you the run down of your wheels, just about everything you need to know about alloys.

With a health dose of speed and sound, the ICE section plays host to a supercharged M3 with a killer JL sound install. Neeresh also shows you how to build a wall, getting you in shape for some big numbers.


This months installment of VDUB brings you the carnage that was rounds seven and eight of the GTi Challenge as well as pics from the Krugerdorp hillclimb.

The cover car is a force to be reckoned with: A pitch black MK IV GTi that’s as loud as it is strong, with subtlety being the key.

We test the CiTi-R and the new S3 Audi (hey, it’s VAG – we’re allowed to!) to give you the truth about these well-hyped cars.

The Cape has always been big on styling and Noor’s Mk 3 Jetta is cleaner than Kojak’s head.

Golf 6 draws closer

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VW Golf 6

As according to VWs plans, development of the next generation Golf is well underway. The Golf VI is being developed to be cheaper to build than the current Golf V, which has had VW management lamenting many ills: the electronics are too complicated and require highly qualified personnel, increasing training costs. The doors and the multilink rear suspension also require complex assembly techniques, leading to production times almost double those of rivals which leads to high production costs. The result is a car which in 2004 generated €900 million less than expected, one of a myriad reasons why VW has considered a replacement much earlier than originally planned. (more…)