All New 2010 VW Polo GTI

Published by on Jan 5th, 2009, 14 Comments

We already knowhow Golf 6 looks like, we’ve seen the GTI or the MK6 version, but did you know that the Germans have been secretly working on an all new Polo GTI as well? What you see in here is an artist rendering of what could be the fastest series Polo ever.

Powered by the same 1.4 liter super- and turbo-charged four-cylinger TSI as the Ibiza Cupra and developing nothing less than 178 hp, it should top at 225kmh and reach 60 mph in less than 7 seconds. Mated to a six-speed manual transmission, with red brake calipers, dual exhaust, and signal mirrors, the new Polo GTI is expected to do 40mpg (7 l/100km), and emits 150 grams of CO2/km. Not that bad if you care about the environment.

Prices should be close to £15,500 ($22,500) and we think that if it looks like this, it’s going to be a top seller. At least in Europe. – via

Golf VI Plus sets wheel at Bologna Motor Show

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Volkswagen is all set to forget about the disaster that the Golf V Plus was in terms of wooing consumers and sales numbers and has moved forward with the Golf VI Plus which is all set to debut at the Bologna Motor Show. The upgraded version of the fifth vesion sports narrower headlights, a lower profile, redesigned roof rails and a more attractive look. The interiors of the VI Plus though surprisingly remain unaltered from the Golf V Plus and it is powered by the likes of 2.0-litre TDI, 1.4 TSI under its hood. For now, the price tag on the Golf VI Plus is not yet known.

Abt Golf VI: A powerful overhaul under the hood

Published by on Nov 29th, 2008, 7 Comments

If you are looking for a fabulous tuning kit that not just touches up on the exterior, but gives you some “wow” under the hood, then the Abt Golf VI, making its debut at Essen, is the end of your search. The tuning kit of Abt upgrades your vehicle giving you two different options to choose from. The conventional 122 hp 1.4-litre is expanded to 160 hp and even the 2.0 TFSI gets upgraded from 210 hp to 240 hp, offering you a choice with the power that flows from underneath that hood. The options are both efficient and help your car get lighter and faster with ease. Then there are the additional Abt threaded suspension and breaking systems which match the new performance of the car. Abt also packs some changes to the front grill, rear spoiler, alloy wheels and a lot more. But it is the modifications to what is inside the hood, which still look most impressive.

Volkswagen Chico: Smart city car to be mini-production version of 'UP' Concept

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Volkswagen has decided that it will reenter the smart small-city car market with a car that will be a compact version of the ‘UP Concept’ drawn up by the company earlier. Insiders claim that this would be dubbed as the Volkswagen Chico and will be in lines similar to the Toyota iQ and Smart Fortwo. The car could be powered by a 1.2-liter 4-cylinder gasoline engine, a 1.2-liter 3-cylinedr diesel engine and even an electric version of the Chico is expected to toll out. The aerodynamic design and reduced drag of the ‘Chico’ will ensure greater fuel economy as figures of 117-141 mpg are being discussed for diesel-powered Chico. The Chico is expected to hit UK markets by 2011 at an anticipated price of £ 6000.

VW Scirocco R by MTM, Sports 380hp

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VW you’re killing us. Not only the new Scirocco “rulz” when it comes to design, but now the German tuner MTM wants to add some muscles under the hood, too. They’re going to release their own Scirocco R version, that will include a 2.0 liter TFSI engine that sports 272 hp (from 200hp) and to those who’d be interested in some chip tuning, it will sport 380 hp. Now that’s what I call power increase ….

Other than the engine Viagra, these guys have also prepared a bunch of MTM bimoto 20″ rims with Michelin Pilot Sport tires, new front and rear shocks, and some optional VA 380 x 34 mm brakes or the MTM Clubsport suspension rings. The new Scirocco R from MTM is going to be base priced at 31,160 euros ($40,140). Like the way it went out?

VW Super CC Eco Performance Concept

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This year’s SEMA is full of interesting stuff, and VW Passat fan should know it. I’m talking about the new Super CC Eco Performance concept, that is based on Passat CC FSI but adds more to the game. That includes custom bumpers for both front and rear, side panels, a new sportier rear spoiler and an amazing grey pearl paint to contrast with those black chrome details. Under the hood, like I said, there’s a 2.0-litre FSI engine that “lives” within the Passat CC, which sports from 222hp to 311hp, depending on the Eco (up to 33mpg), GT or the Performance mode you choose.

Sounds incredible. It’s a mix of power, fuel efficiency and great looks, that will probably get into your heart. – via


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Since the new Golf 6 is the most disputed car on Car Blog, I’m pretty sure some of you will definitely enjoy the new VW Golf GTI MkVI that was presented during the Paris Motor Show. Inspired from the GTI W12 650 Concept the model isn’t due to be released on the market until Spring 2009, but it will be big. Technically the new GTI haven’t changed much, except for the the front bumper that features a one piece air intake and a set of fog lights and has a widebody appearance. It does have a little Scirocco and I’m not only talking about the outside, but also under the hood. The engines outputs 10 more bhp, to a total of 207 bhp while the emissions are down by 11g/km. Like it?

Volkswagen Pickup Concept Revealed

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Seeing the new Volkswagen Pickup Concept, suddenly I go back in time and think of Ford’s Super Chief. Maybe because of the rounded shapes … who knows. Back to VW’s Pickup, in the images below you can see the full production model (which is currently under development) that will probably be called Robust or Taro.

The four-door double cab pickup was engineered for search-and-rescue operations with emergency services experts bringing in their contribution to what VW experts already knew.

The pickup will most likely use VW’s permanent all-wheel-drive 4MOTION technology and fuel-efficient gasoline direct-injection or diesel engines. As for the looks, it has a clean and uncluttered design, with shapes that reminds of Chevrolet Avalanche, with fenders that flare above the wheels and a five-foot cargo area along with a two piece tailgate for storage.

Though it’s just a design study, I’m confident that that’s the way it will look. They will begin production in the fall of 2009 and sales, soon after. We’ll get more info on VW’s “one-ton pickup” later this week when the 62nd IAA Commercial Vehicles Show takes places in Hanover, Germany.