New Golf 6

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Golf 6.jpg

A UK publication namely Auto Express claims that they have obtained an exclusive preview of the new VW Golf 6 which plans to launch sometime next year. From the picture it can be seen that the design is slightly different to previous other artist impressions that was circulating in the press before.

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Golf 6 update here

Hayabusa VW Golf frankenstein

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The Suzuki Hayabusa is one of the fastest things I have ever seen in motion. Now these guys have taken a Mk1 VW Golf, converted it to rear-wheel-drive, and dropped a turbocharged, 350-horsepower Hayabusa mill under the hood. Take a look.. nothing short of amazing

2007 Volkswagen GTI W12 Concept

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Stronger, Faster

It seems that the GTI W12 650 comes directly from the race track. A GTI that runs like the Pace Car of the 24 hours of Le Mans. Its name means: W12 cylinder, 650 horsepower. A showcar, not more, not less. Nevertheless it shows what enormous potential the GTI has to offer.

3.7 seconds, 201 mph, 554 lb-ft

Its 6.0-liter Biturbo engine is longitudinal and placed directly behind the driver and the front seat passenger. The GTI W12 650 differentiate itself in this way from the classical central engine car. A 6-speed automatic transmission transfers 554 lb-ft to the rear axle. It catapults the GTI W12 650 to 62 mph in 3.7 seconds. With a top speed of 201 mph the GTI W12 650 leaves behind nearly all of the world’s supercars. (more…)

Gumball 3000 ends in horror crash

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Quick video showing the disastrous aftermath of the head-on crash between a Volkswagen Golf and a Gumball 3000 Techart Porsche 911 Turbo. This crash ended the 2007 Gumball Rally.

Some comments from the Youtube clip page

I hope the guy with his porsche goes to hell! Congratulation for killing a family father! I hope you feel well!!! A.S…E!!

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Polo Angel Eye Headlights

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Over the years, Vw Polo enthusiasts have constantly asked us about a headlight upgrade for their rides. Alas our South African models where specifically made for us and although loosely based on the European Seat Cordoba & German-spec Vw Polo, our model varied a bit with the smaller add-ons. Bumpers, lights, lamps, etc all differed to our europeaan counterparts.

Good idea? Not quite, this meant that all the goods sourced from europe would need to be modified to fit correctly and most times end up looking far far away from an OEM fit.

That aside, we’v managed to finally get hold of angel eye headlights for the Vw Polo models. These chrome or smoked headlamps sport the popular angel eye rings along with a projector-type globe lense. Obligatory built-in corner indicators make this a perfect facelift to almost 10 year old Polo models. Stocks are limited so grab them while you can: Priced at R1895set (as of 24-03-07) Click

VDub Magazine update – carblog has the scoop

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After a flood of emails and unapproved comments, I felt the need to give ya’ll the lowdown on whats going on with Vdub Magazine.

Yes it still is coming out, its all completed and by the time you read this the boys & girls at Speed & Sound Magazine would have finished their proof reads and final checks. All ready to print. Delays were bound to happen, being the first issue they want everything to be just right.

I’v been told that we shall receive our copies middle to end of next week or the following week and will have about 100 or 200 copies for sale. As in the past, we grab the freshest copies off the printing press and I’ll be sure to send out an exclusive mailer to announce this.

In the meantime, check out – designed and developed by Vito Fiorello, a die hard VW enthusiast. Many a late nite I have spent skype chatting about the technical bits of their website. In a nutshell you choose a Vw, and get an array of options to kit it out. Using authentic bits from Kamei, Oetinger, ATS, BBS and a whole lot more.

Above is a screenshot of my dream Mk1 Gti. Slammed to the ground with 15″ 8.5j BBS Alloys, Original Broad Front Spoiler, ultra scarce plastic wheel arches and original Gti Red grille trimmings.

Yes, I’m just as anxious to sink into this magazine as any other VW nutter in South Africa!

R32 Model Cars now available!

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Ask any VW enthusiast, any real VW enthusiast. Finding VW scale model cars is an exercise in futility. Sure theres the stock standard stuff you see in hobbyshops. We’v waited long and hard for the boys at Maisto to release their R32 Model Car.

Accurately scaled at 1:24, available in the iconic jazz blue or diamond black. These slick replicas all sport chrome multi-spoke alloys, custom engine detail, bucket seats and a trunk chock-full of ICE, not bad for a R160.

Get them now as stocks are limited and who knows when the next production run will happen! Check it out at the