VW Golf VI Cabrio Production to Begin at Onasbruck

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Volkswagen Golf VI Cabrio will start off its production process early next year. Production will take place at the Osnabrück site (formerly the site of the Karmann holding company). Volkswagen will be taking in a workforce of more than 1,000 people as well as the technical development and metal units of the insolvent Wilhelm Karmann GmbH.


VW BlueSport Concept May be Out Early 2014

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Volkswagen’s BlueSport concept – the production version – is set to be released in the early months of 2014. The model will reportedly be built on the new MMB platform, which uses several Golf suspension components to keep expenses down.


Volkswagen’s Lupo/Up Prototype Spied on the Testing Ground

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The Volkswagen Up prototype was spotted at a testing session in Europe. Also known as the Lupo, the car seems to be much further along in development since it was last seen hot-weather testing in Death Valley.


2011 Volkswagen Passat Out in the Form of a New Photo

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A sports what is touted to be a new photo of the 2011 Volkswagen Passat. Volkswagen fans are waiting with bated breath to see if it’s all true, and in the meantime are poring over the picture enthralled with what is to come.


MTE’s New Offering: Volkswagen Golf IV R32 Highly Modified

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A supremely modified Volkswagen Golf IV R32 has been unveiled by MTE. Modifications under the hood include the German tuner specializing in turbo conversions. There are installed turbo-plus intercooler along with larger injectors, modified cylinder head, forged pistons, high performance camshafts, and an optimized ECU.

MTE Volkswagen Golf IV R32

All of this fine tweaking means that the car, with its twin-turbo 3.2-liter V6 pushing 2.2 bar of boost with a compression ratio of 7.8:1 produces 790 hp (589 kW / 801 PS) and 1200 Nm (885 lb-ft) of torque is capable of navigating the quarter mile in 10.7 seconds at 216 km/h (134 mph).

To handle the extra power generated, MTE added a Sachs two-disc sintered clutch in addition to a KW Coilover ‘Club Sport’ suspension, semi-slick tires, and a high-performance braking system (with 360mm discs and six-piston Brembo calipers). Inspired by this beauty, car fans, speed fans, power rush addicts are all looking to see what MTE gives next.

Volkswagen E-Up! Eyeing US Customers; Roll Out In 2013

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We all know VW had been really hesitant in bringing in its Up! small car to the US roads. However, with the new electric version of the Up! – or the E-Up! – coming up, it sees like US buyers might see a change in strategy.

2013 Volkswagen E-Up

With electric cars being sought after more than ever before, Volkswagen is expected to drive in the E-Up! to the North American markets by 2013.

If you would remember, you first saw the car at the Frankfurt auto show last fall. In the next four years’ time, the E-Up! is sure to be rolled out in the US. VW hopes to find city buyers for the e version and might look to sell it for something around $11,000.

A front-drive city car, the E-Up! comes with a 60 kW – 40 kW continuous – electric motor powered by lithium-ion batteries. VW is expected to bring in the electric city car as a three or five-door hatch. We also get to hear that the car could later on be transformed into a Space Up! microvan which would share the Audi A2 platform. The E-Up! has been built on a range of 130 km (80 miles), and would come with capabilities to race from 0 to 50 km/h in 3.5 seconds. Look out for 2013, so that you are ready for the E-Up!’s arrival.

2011 Volkswagen Passat Debuts in Paris; roll out early next year

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The 2011 Volkswagen Passat, the face-lifted version of the earlier model, will make its world premiere this October when the curtains go up on the Paris Motor Show. Volkswagen has brought in a few alterations to the Passat by throwing in a new front and rear-end design. The car will start appearing at VW dealerships during the early days of 2011.

Volkswagen’s move to redesign the front and rear end design for the 2011 Passat would make the car look more in line with the latest models from the VW stables. This could mean that the 2011 VW Passat would have similar front and rear looks similar to the Scirocco and the 2011 Jetta.

Besides providing a facelift to the Passat’s exterior design, Volkswagen is also doing a bit of sprucing up in the interiors too. From what we get to know, the steering wheel and the door panel designs could get a facelift. Further, there could be additions and alterations in the audio and navigation systems too. However, Volkswagen could stay with the existing engines and transmission options that are currently incorporated in the existing model.

Volkswagen Single-Cab Amarok Spy Pictures Out; Launch Likely By Early 2011

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We have been hearing of the Volkswagen Amarok for quite some time now, and here we have for you a bunch of spy pictures that details the single-cab. By the looks of it, it seems the maker has gone in for a snipped version of the earlier dual-cab Amarok. Take a look at these spy pictures, clicked by an enthusiast somewhere out there.

Though VW hasn’t yet come out in public with details of the single-cab Amarok, we are forced to believe that the little truck would be powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder TDI with 120 kW (161 hp / 163 PS) and 400 Nm (295 lb-ft) of torque. In the meanwhile, we are also being told that VW might offer a 2.0-liter four-cylinder flex-fuel petrol variant too. You needn’t be surprised if VW also goes in for an automatic transmission too. This would make it a first for the Amarok.

Going by the pictures, the single cab Amarok looks like a vehicle with a few little changes thrown in here and there in comparison with the dual cab design. Alterations include a longer truck bed. Besides this, a long B-pillar that has some extra storage space behind the front seats may also be seen as a change. VW is likely to roll out the single cab Amarok by early 2011. [via ]


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