Kia Sportage SX Turbo Official

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The Kia Sportage has announced its new SX Turbo variant. The new model sports a revised grille and modified side skirts. This high performance model has got a dual exhaust system and rides on unique 18-inch alloy wheels. However, the interior has not been subjected to big changes, though it includes new aluminum door sills and a revised instrument cluster.


Lexus Nod For LFA Purchase in the US; But Wants Right To Repurchase if Owner Wants to Sell It

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Lexus has allowed purchase of its LFA supercar in the US. However, the green signal comes with a clause. The buyer will have to sign a contract which lets Lexus the right to re-purchase the car if the owner sells it during the first two years of its purchase.


Mercedes Benz B-Class and C-Class Lineage to be expanded in the US

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There is some real good news for the American premium car enthusiasts as Mercedes-Benz US detailed their plans to expand the B-Class and the C-Class lineage beyond the existing range.

2008 Mercedes-Benz CLC Class

The move is seen as a step to compete with other premium brands in the US which offer a wide variety of commuters for each of their lineage unlike Mercedes Benz. The CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA, Ernst Lieb mentioned that the C-Class will get a coupe version as early as next year to compete with the BMW 3 Series. Sometime later in the future, the C-Class will also get a sedan, a convertible and even an estate wagon. As far as the B-Class is concerned, the expansion will begin in 2012 which will again include a coupe, a convertible and a sedan. The B-Class expansion will be a move to target the likes of the BMW X1 and the Audi Q3.

Alfa Romeo hoping for a US return in 2012

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Alfa Romeo

The Americans had almost forgotten Fiats’ attractive brand the Alfa Romeo but the memories were ignited with the return of the 8C Competizione after a lingering gap of 14 years. Fiat now believes that Alfa Romeo could stage a full-fledged return to the US as it has a number of models which will be globally appreciated specially in the US. The brand will return to the US in the next 24 months with offering like the 159 replacement christened Giulia which adorns two forms- a middle segment sedan and a station wagon. Americans could also see an Alfa Romeo 166 replacement based on the Chrysler 300. Another touted model is the MiTo as a number of them have already been spotted in Detroit.

Tata Nano to Cost More in the US

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Tata Nano Europa 1

Tata Nano impressesed with its inexpensive price tag in India which made it cheapest car in the world, but over the other side of the globe, in the US, Nano will not be able to stick to its cost effectiveness. The obvious reason is that the Nano will need to undergo a number of changes to become drivable on American roads — like we mentioned last time. It will require a longer front end and even the engine will have to be upgraded to match the emission standards. On the inside, Tata Nano will require airbags, changed seats, sturdier roofing and an improved steering wheel.

The car did meet the crash test standards in Europe but the specifications are slightly different in the US. Tata Nano which has already been showcased at the Detroit Auto Show costs a modest $2500 in India but with all these changes incorporated, it will hit the $8,000 mark or may be even more.

Tata Nano to Debut in the US in 2011

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Tata Nano Europa at Geneva 2009

Tata Nano has got some good publicity at the North American International Auto Show and from what we hear, the Indian small car is expected to debut on the streets in the United States by 2011. With a 624cc petrol engine with just 2 cylinders that produces 33 horsepower, Tata Nano manages an amazing 65 miles per gallon fuel efficiency and should go North of $2,200. However, the only issue about the Nano is that it may not meet the safety measures imposed in the US. Now only if they’d bring it to South Africa, isn’t it?

Will The Americans Embrace The Small Cars? What About You?

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For many years now, Americans have had the option to turn to small, fuel-efficient cars. Surprisingly every time the option came close, they hated what they got.

Fiat 500 old new

You don’t even need to think far. How about the 1973 Arab Oil Embargo? Do any of you remmeber it? The shortage of fuel and fist fights at gas stations scared U.S. drivers to considering small cars like the Ford Pinto, Chevrolet Chevette, Dodge Colt, Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, and the Plymouth Cricket.

Eventually to no one’s surprise fuel was available at a much cheaper price once again and the US soon got back to the old standard V-8 powered cars and trucks. If one looks into the money aspect of it, the bigger and traditional American vehicles made much more sense to them.

Well it looks like this time (the Fiat 500 just made it’s first appearance in the US) things are going to change from the roots, as Ford Motor Company along with the likes of General Motors have got their collective engineering and manufacturing acts together to give the Americans a small car worth owning. What’s going to happen this time? What’s your guess? And would you go for a small car just for saving on fuel?

Harley-Davidson quietly launches XR1200 in US

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There’s nothing official yet, but rumors say that Harley-Davidson quietly launched the XR1200 bike in the US. First intended for the European market, the guys at HD never ruled out the option of selling it in the United States, too, but only if the demand proved to be strong. And that’s exactly what happened. At least one dealership in Westminster California is taking preorders and what you should know is that you only have till December 15 if you want to be on the list. The rumored prices for the orange XR1200 in the US is going to be $11,179. – via


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