SEMA 2008: Toyota Tacoma V8 Incross Concept

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SEMA 2008 is running and Toyota is not about to lose time. They just announced a new Tacoma V8 Incross Concept that is going to be powered by a 4.7l i-Force V8 engine that produces 271 hp and 321 lb/ft of torque and will feature custom Bilstein shock absorbers, Bushwhacker modified flared arches, 17-inch American Racing Wheels, a revised front grille, Toyota’s Racing Development headers and a custom Tube Solutions dual exhaust. Other than a roomier cabin and the Green Matte color, I must say I’m not really impressed with the design. Are you? – via

FIA May Bring Standard Engines in F1 : Toyota & Ferrari to Leave

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Those jerks guys at FIA are trying to push a new regulation starting with the 2010 F1 championship and that is standard engines for all teams. I’m not going to ramble on why I think that’s a very very very bad decision because you probably feel the same. However, I plan on telling you that hearing rumors that such a major rule might be in place from next year, Ferrari and Toyota already made up their minds. They’re going to pull out unless those brainless guys that rule F1 change their minds. I’m hoping for an alternative solution to spiraling costs associated with engine development, because standard engines is not yet a viable one. – via

2010 Toyota Prius Design Leaked – Not Much Changed

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I’m not sure about you, but I must say I wasn’t really happy with how the first models of Prius looked like. But as an environmentalist that I am, I wanted to believe that Toyota is going to make from Prius their best selling vehicle, with a new more attractive design. That didn’t happen and the 2010 Toyota Prius is kinda boring, like its predecessors. At least that’s what I see when I look at these leaked images which have been endorsed already by the Japanese manufacturer. There aren’t many new things between the old one and that one. Should we be disappointed, because it actually brings up something new: more interior room and better fuel economy. via

The All New Toyota Avensis

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I really expected something to happen with the new Toyota Avensis, and sooner. Not sure if the Japanese heard me or not, but the thing is they’ve announced the new model at the Paris Motor Show looking better than ever. The engines have always been a great point for Toyota and the new Avensis won’t let you down.

There will be three petrol engines available – a 1.6 liter that outputs 132 hp, a 1.8 liter that has 147 hp and the best of them all the 2.0 liter Valvematic that delivers 152 hp and 196 Nm torque at 4,000 rpm. And two diesel units – a126 hp 2.0 liter D-4D engine and the 150hp 2.2-litre D-4D (lovely). Add to all these the 6-speed automatic transmission and we may have a new success from Toyota. Great job! – via

The new Toyota Avensis

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There is something about Toyota that makes the cars lovely. Don’t know if it’s just the Japanese or not, call it superior quality or whatever you like, but their cars always had both the looks and the things under the hood to make me fall for them. Here are a couple of pictures with the new Toyota Avensis that just popped out.

Thanks to its dynamic handling and a very refined experience while driving, the new Toyota Avensis is going to include new features like the Steering-assist Vehicle Stability Control (VSC+), Adaptive Front Light System (AFS) or the Pre-Crash Safety System (PCS). We only have these things right now, but things should be shed to light next month in Paris.

The Toyota Prius I'd Drive

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We all know what’s the most successful hybrid of all times: Toyota Prius. But what we don’t enjoy very much is that it has a boring design. Things changed when Claes Gustafson and the crew at got their hands on one and created what you can see below for a Swedish TV show. And yes, that’s a Toyota Prius.

Even though the outcome is spectacular, it involved HARD work because there’s no body kit available for the Prius and they had to start with a modified Volvo XC90. They also removed the back doors and installed custom made knife doors for the front, installed a carbon fiber venturi, air suspension, 20-inch wheels and over-sized front brakes.

They didn’t work just on the tech part and the interior got improved, too. It has a central console with a custom dashboard and a 4,400-watt stereo system. However that’s not all because this hardcore Prius also features 15 LCD panels and a tablet PC for Wireless Internet.

“The goal … was to give the viewer a great show and, second, to show that a Toyota isn’t a boring and anonymous car,” Claes Gustafson told Wired. According to him, the whole idea was “to show that every car can be styled.”

It looks stunning and has a price that competes with that: $184,275. Is it worth it?

My biggest concern if all these things can be supported by those 4 batteries.


Gold-trimmed Toyota Camry spotted in Dubai

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Dubai, exactly the place where I would expect to see the most expensive cars in the world, is where this gold-trimmed Toyota Camry got spotted. I wasn’t expecting to see a 24k gold plated Camry but I guess the owner can’t afford a Bentley or a Rolls, so here it is. From what I’ve seen the car is for sale and the cost is 135,000 AED ($36,800 or €23,700). I wouldn’t pay, would you? Why on a Earth would you pimp a Camry with gold? Still can’t answer that question … Can you?


The new Toyota Prius Design

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Hybrid cars are going to be the next best thing, or at least that’s what researchers say. With oil prices reaching record levels it’s really hard to drive a car that consumes 20-25 liters for every 100km.

The best selling hybrid, Toyota Prius has news for us. They’re going to change it and recent spy shots show a newly styled body. It’s longer, wider and has a larger boot, features better fuel economy and rumors say it won’t feature NiMh batteries anymore. But Li-ion, which are lighter and smaller, making it faster and more spacious.

The new Toyota Prius will be official in 2010 and some talk of a two-door coupe, a wagon or a commuter version to enrich the brand.

Image credits: CarPix