Toyota Verso-S to Debut in Paris

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Toyota has announced the Verso-S, which will debut at the Paris Motor Show. The Japanese auto giant also has plans to unveil other new models in Paris, but the main focus will be on Verso, a car which the company claims to be “small, spacious and smart”.


Lexus Nod For LFA Purchase in the US; But Wants Right To Repurchase if Owner Wants to Sell It

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Lexus has allowed purchase of its LFA supercar in the US. However, the green signal comes with a clause. The buyer will have to sign a contract which lets Lexus the right to re-purchase the car if the owner sells it during the first two years of its purchase.


Toyota Supra Label Accidentally Lapses

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Reportedly, there’s been a little bit of a mix up at Toyota. Sources say that the auto makers’ lawyers unwittingly let Toyota’s ownership of the Supra name expire. Word is that Toyota has once again applied for the trademark following a four year lapse.


Toyota FT-86 Not To Be Delayed; To Arrive November Next Year

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Come November 2011, and Toyota will be ready with its FT-86. The production version of the car is said to be almost 50 per cent complete. Though not many details have been revealed, it is being speculated that the car would be attached with a price tag of 2.5 million yen ($28,610 / €22,000).

If you would remember, the Toyota FT-86 was earlier been in the news for having been delayed till 2013. However, the latest reports that suggest a November 2011 launch have brought more discussions on the new Toyota offering.

What we get to know is that the new Toyota FT-86 would be based on a design similar to the concept that had been shown to us earlier. Though there might be minor modifications, the overall shape and design are said to be more or less the same. The concept was shown at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show.

The concept car had been showcased then with a Subaru 2.0-liter Boxer engine, six-speed manual transmission, ADVICS brakes, and rear-wheel drive. Get set for the latest Toyota offering soon. By the way, what do you think about the pricing?

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Expect The New Toyota Supra Soon?

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Word is that a new Toyota Supra could be out in the market soon. This possibility was sparked off by a comment made by the head of Toyota, whose key interest was in developing a fifth generation Supra.

The concept of the vehicle was unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show in 2007, and when the car comes out it will be the first to see the light of day since the cancellation of the Mark IV in 2002.

Akio Toyoda, head of Toyota Motor Co. was a fourth generation Supra owner, and is widely known to be a fan of the hybrid. According to early reports, the car could be using a hybrid powertrain to power it, which includes a V6 engine.

It is unclear, however, whether focusing on the fifth generation Supra is actually the way Toyota is going. Reports say the company is preparing a replacement to the MR-2. Moreover, the FT-86 sports car is in the advanced development stages with Subaru, and there is a possibility that the company may not see a Supra release as an immediate plan.

Toyota Lines Up Three New Models for 2012

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In 2012 we’ll get to see three new-to-market vehicles from the Toyota stables. The Japanese major’s line up for the year would include a battery-driven electric vehicle and a plug-in version of the Prius. Meanwhile, the third model would most probably be another variant of the Prius that will head for the US shores. The car for the North American market is expected to be rolled out during the first half of year 2012.

Though Toyota has not come out in public with the plans, we get to hear that the second vehicle in the line up would be the forerunner of the Prius family that would sport the Prius badging.

The battery electric model will have many similarities to the electric version of the iQ, which Toyota had showcased at the 2009 Detroit show. These electric vehicles are expected to be rolled out in select markets globally. The company is expected to pick the markets in accordance with their ability to support the vehicles with sufficient infrastructure. We hope to hear from Toyota as to what exactly the plans are and how they are going to be implemented. Tell us if you have heard more on the plans for 2012.

Toyota Auris Hybrid line-off ceremony at TMUK

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Toyota Auris Hybrid

The Auris Hybrid from the Toyota stables is set for a line-off ceremony from Toyota’s production company in the United Kingdom. The first ever hybrid vehicle that is being mass produced in Europe will sail off today from the Toyota Manufacturing, UK (TMUK) assembly line. With sales expected to start with sales on July 1, Toyota intends to take the Auris Hybrid to as many as 32 European nations. The TMUK will be rolling out as many as 30,000 units of the vehicle annually. The TMUK which had come into being way back in 1992 has already recorded a cumulative production of 3 million vehicles this year, going by the June 7 figures.

Toyota FT-86 Launch Delayed to 2012?

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Toyota FT-86 Concept 5

The fate of the Toyota FT-86 Sports Car hangs in the balance as Toyota has decided to postpone the production and launch of the vehicle for another two years. The exact reason is not yet known but the speculation is that Toyota is not happy with the concept designs.

Also, if Toyota goes ahead with the production and unveils the car by next year, the financial scenario will not be ideal and hence it cold result in poor sales.

Toyota had plans to team up with Subaru a couple of years back but then again, the economic situations made Toyota put the project on hold. Toyota still went ahead with the production in 2009 and even unveiled a concept at the Toyota Motor Show in the same year. Now again, the design has been rejected and the hopefuls will probably have to hang around for a couple of years.

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