Toyota -Subaru Sports Coupe by the Year-end

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Toyota and Subaru will launch their jointly-developed sport coupe in late 2011. Fuji Heavy Industries is the parent company of Subaru. Testing is almost complete and the design team is making their final adjustments. The vehicle is expected to be “very comfortable and fuel-efficient”. It features a low center of gravity that will instill driver confidence.


Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle to be Showcased at Detroit

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The Detroit Auto Show that gets underway next month will see Toyota unveil its Prius family for the world. The world premiere will be significant for Toyota for the reason that the event will be witness to the world showcasing of the Prius Plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHV) and a new Prius concept study.


Toyota-Tesla RAV4 EV Teased

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The first pictures of Toyota’s RAV4 EV have been released, giving the industry a look at the vehicle before t is unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show. A lot of eyes are waiting to see this, especially because it was jointly developed with Tesla, after Toyota entered into a $50 million agreement with the company for collaboration on EV technology.


Subaru New Concept for LA Motor Show to Hold Aloft Confidence in Motion; Fresh Teaser Out

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Subaru is on the verge of launching a new brand philosophy, called ‘Confidence in Motion’ and the company will be announcing the very first concept car from this brand at Los Angeles Auto Show this month.


RKC Toyota Camry NASCAR Edition at SEMA

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The Camry NASCAR Edition will be seen at SEMA this month. The RK Collection NASCAR Edition of the Camry is a two-door, street legal vehicle. The engine is a 358 cubic inch (5.9 liter) TRD NASCAR V8 power plant, which gives 680 bhp (507 kW), and is linked to a 6-speed manual transmission. It also features a custom sport exhaust that has 3-inch X-pipes.


Toyota Tacoma X-Runner RTR to Roll Out at SEMA Motor Show

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Toyota has announced that they’ll be showcasing the Tacoma X-Runner RTR (Ready to Race) at the SEMA Motor Show. This powerful truck will prove to be the benchmark of the company’s engineering efficiency.


Toyota iQ Disco Shiny Glitzy Concept Shown

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Toyota’s iQ Disco is adding a lot of glitz to the motor world. Just after car fans got a look at the green-lit Aston Martin Cygnet, auto fans in Germany got to see what happens when a car goes one step further. Fans in Germany saw the promotional one-off concept, in all its sparkling glory.


Toyota Prius Minivan Version Caught on Spy Camera

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Spy photos of what appears to be the long-anticipated minivan version of the Toyota Prius have surfaced. The hybrid minivan, rumored to be the Prius Alpha, was spotted in California following a new Lexus CT200h with its logos covered. From the picture, it can be clearly seen that the minivan appears to be having a Prius-like front fascia. It is also evident that the windshield, front window line and tail lamps of the minivan are similar in design to that of the Prius.