Top Gear Mag Launches in SA

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Top Gear’s magazine will be launching in South Africa towards the end of October for a special November launch issue. The iconic automotive television programme’s publication will be hitting the newsstands following a licensing agreement between Media24 Magazines and BBC Magazines. This is very exciting news for all automotive enthusiasts and fans of the biggest motoring media brand in the world.

The announcement was made by Media24 Magazine’s CEO John Relihan who is looking forward to working with BBC Magazines “in bringing this highly enriched experience in motoring magazine journalism to South Africa.”

Top Gear SA will be edited by the former editor of topCar magazine, Pierre Steyn, whose position is now available at Media24’s other automotive title.

A personal fan of Top Gear, Steyn commented on the huge popularity of the television programme amongst a cross section of South Africans and emphasized the magazine’s ability to deliver on its brand promise “with careful attention to not simply repeat TV content.”

Steyn goes on to mention that “Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May will play a vital role in the magazine’s content as all three contribute monthly columns and features and rotate the Editor’s letter between them.”

It’s important to recognize that there is a very clear distinction between the current topCar magazine and the new Top Gear Magazine. Cherlene Beukes, general manager: Lifestyle Magazines at Media24, has stressed that while topCar is positioned as a consumer magazine with views from the showroom to the consumer, Top Gear is motoring entertainment at its very best.

The November launch issue of the Top Gear SA magazine will be available from 24 October at a cover price of R29.95


Rowan Atkinson Crashes Pride Of Car Collection: McLaren F1 (Picture)

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Rowan Atkinson, comedian and car collector extraordinaire was released from hospital today with no serious injuries after losing control of his maroon McLaren F1 and crashing into a telephone pole, setting the car alight in the process.

Atkinson apparently walked away from the wreck and sat on the side of the road with another motorist, waiting for emergency services. He has hurt his shoulder but no long term injuries are expected.


Top Gear's Toughest Assignment, Bolivia Special Challenge 2009

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The chaps from Top Gear are world renowned for having (and making) fun of every situation, this time they got dropped in Bolivia and had to drive through the Amazonian jungle, one of the world’s most dangerous road and through the Andes on their way to the Pacific Ocean. All these in a bunch of old 4x4s. Lovely experience!

Top Gear on the Transfagarasan in Romania, One of the Most Amazing Roads in the World

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The funny chaps from Top Gear have spent a few days in Romania in their pursuit to check out “Borat’s land” and what some would call “the most amazing road in the whole world”. No wonder they wanted to stay in Romania forever … good thing they didn’t see much of the women, because I can bet my paycheck they would’ve!


Top Gear's The Stig revealed!

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Who is The Stig? Click play below

Video: Top Gear Checks Out The Lamborghini Reventon

Published by on Nov 6th, 2007, 1 Comment

Top Gear’s hosts Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond spend some time (1.41 min to be exact) in this clip talking about the $1.5 million Lamborghini Reventon (pics and details here). A little bit of British humor, but unfortunately, no thrills here boyz. To be produced in just 20 examples, the Murcielago LP640 based Reventon comes equipped with a 6.5-liter V12 unit delivering 650 Hp.

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