Volkswagen Single-Cab Amarok Spy Pictures Out; Launch Likely By Early 2011

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We have been hearing of the Volkswagen Amarok for quite some time now, and here we have for you a bunch of spy pictures that details the single-cab. By the looks of it, it seems the maker has gone in for a snipped version of the earlier dual-cab Amarok. Take a look at these spy pictures, clicked by an enthusiast somewhere out there.

Though VW hasn’t yet come out in public with details of the single-cab Amarok, we are forced to believe that the little truck would be powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder TDI with 120 kW (161 hp / 163 PS) and 400 Nm (295 lb-ft) of torque. In the meanwhile, we are also being told that VW might offer a 2.0-liter four-cylinder flex-fuel petrol variant too. You needn’t be surprised if VW also goes in for an automatic transmission too. This would make it a first for the Amarok.

Going by the pictures, the single cab Amarok looks like a vehicle with a few little changes thrown in here and there in comparison with the dual cab design. Alterations include a longer truck bed. Besides this, a long B-pillar that has some extra storage space behind the front seats may also be seen as a change. VW is likely to roll out the single cab Amarok by early 2011. [via ]

BMW 5-Series LWB Spied in the Cold

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The Bimmers are thoroughly loved in China and given the fact that they sell in heavy numbers all across China, BMW cannot afford to ignore the demand of Long Wheel Base 5-Series variants from the Chinese customers.

2011 BMW 5-Series Long Wheelbase Spied 2

They surely find the standard 5-Series option a tad smaller which is why BMW is almost ready with its LWB S-Series variant that was spotted testing for cold weather conditions. The LWB 5-Series variant will fittingly break cover at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition which is to be held in April. BMW 5-Series LWB is 12-inches longer than the standard model which gives it an overall length of 5.04 meters, making it comparable to the previous generation 7 series. Other than China, 5-Series LWB may also make it to the Middle East dealerships. [via ]

Ferrari 599 GTO Spy Shots

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Ferrari 599 GTO spy photo 2

The street legal version of the 599XX, the Ferrari 599 GTO is the next big arrival in the auto industry and spy photographers in Maranello managed to get a handsome look at one of its prototypes. The prototype comes with a fresh looking carbon fiber roof and a huge rear diffuser set amidst two exhaust pipes. The front bumper also looks a fresh creation and so do the grille and the wheels. On the inside, all that the spy cams could click was the new seating set-up. Engine speculations for the Ferrari 599 GTO suggest a 700 PS 690 bhp 6.0L V12 monster that will help the street legal version hit 100km/h in 3.2 seconds while topping it out at 350km/h. Slated for a debut later this year, the 599 GTO will cost around €340,000. [via ]

Pagani C9 Twin Prototypes Spied in South Africa

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Pagani C9 Prototypes Spied in South Africa 1

Auto fanatics are aware that the Pagani C9 is slated to go public before this year’s end and it will come with a whopping price tag (€900,000) but what is more of a mystery is the shape it will adorn. There are no certain images available which is why C9 prototype spy images gain a lot of importance. Speaking of spy shots, here’s something happening in South Africa — two C9 prototypes spied in Johannesburg, one inspired by the Zonda F, while the other one featuring a rear belonging to the Zonda R territory. Even the typical Pagani quadpipe has been retained plus there are holes drilled for a dual pipe set-up so we are not quite sure what the end product will embrace. The Pagani C9 is expected to house a 700 PS 6.0L V12 engine which will generate up to 1000Nm of torque. Looks neat, don’t you think? [Images by ]

Spied: Next Gen Touareg

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I like the VW Touareg. It’s got a bit of attitude and went against all the perceptions that you shouldn’t pay big bucks for a VW.

This is the new one. Updated to fall in with the new VW design language – front looks alot like the new POLO and GOLF6. From the rear though it doesn’t look like much is going to change and it basically looks like the current one.

I’m thinking it looks more like a facelift than a complete new model which looks like it’s a bit of a VW trademark these days like they did with the Golf.

Let’s hope its more than just a nosejob.

Smaller Buick Sedan Spied in Testing

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Those looking for a smaller Buick baby in the States may have a surprise up their sleeve with a smaller Buick Sedan spotted by photo-ninjas. The snapped commuter is currently headed to China where GM wants to thrive furthermore on the success of the Buick moniker.

Baby Buick Spied

The Buick Sedan will be placed under the Lacrosse model of the Buick range. As far as the architecture goes the current model will be based on the Delta II structure from the GM territory. The front wheel driven car will share the platform with Chevrolet Cruz that replaces the cobalt. The engine has not been confirmed but the options include a 1.8 liter petrol engine which will produce 141hp with 176Nm of torque.

Another speculation is that the Chevy Cruze 1.6L 113hp churning engine might alos find a place under the hood. It will arrive in China in 2012 and the americans will have to wait a tad longer.

[via ]

2011 Hyundai Sonata Spy Shots

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2011 Hyundai Sonata spied

Here is the latest set of spy shots of the Hyundai Sonata which reveals a lot about the interior of the car. Incidentally the spy shots were clicked when Hyundai was doing its own photoshoot for the promotional materials. Apparently the secret for well-lit interior shots has been revealed and that requires the roof to be taken off. Visibly enough, the cabin is more elegant and refined. A close proximity with the styling of the big and luxurious German brands can also be established especially if you look at the rear trunk and tail lights. A Sonata Hybrid is also in the wings which will be powered by Hybrid Blue Drive Architecture introduced by Hyundai last year. [via ]

2011 BMW X3 Spied High-speed Testing at Nurburgring

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The much craved for 2011 BMW X3 was recently spied on track at Nurburgring, with a heavy camouflage. The SUV was spotted doing some late development high speed testing at the testing. There isn’t much known about the X3 but it will surely be available on the roads sometime next year. The facelifted variant will be more muscular in design thanks to the aggressive looking air intakes. It will come with two petrol variants — a naturally aspirated 3.0L in-line six with 230hp and a 3.0L new twin-turbo in-line six capable of producing 300hp. The diesel option will include a 2.0L 177hp and a more powerful 3.0L that would churn 300hp. [via ]

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