McLaren 650S stolen in Durban cargo heist, found

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McLaren 650S

So, if you were a thief and looking to score some serious loot during a cargo heist, wouldn’t you be jumping for joy when the container you hijacked turned out to house a brand new, McLaren 650 S inside? Most definitely!

This is exactly what happened to a bunch of robber sin Durban last week, when the container they hijacked at the Durban Harbour, was one containing a brand new McLaren 650S.

According to reports, the car had arrived in Durban at the harbour last Monday. It was sent through customs and, after it was cleared, it was placed in an unmarked container, ready to be transported to its final destination.

However, the McLaren 650S would never reach it’s final destination… (more…)

Avis wins Top Brand Award for 10th Consecutive Year

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If you were wondering which car hiring company to use in South Africa, the Avis is your answer.

The popular car hiring company has won the Business to Business Award in the Car Hire category for the 10th year in a row.

The award is yet another testament to Avis’ recognizable brand and the trustworthiness of their service. (more…)

Madiba’s Magnificent Merc

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Nelson Mandela's Car

Nelson Mandela is probably one of, if not the most important public figure in South Africa. An incredible man that has accomplished many incredible things.

There are many stories about Mandela’s release in 1990, some more famous than others, and this story definitely grabbed our attention:

In 1990, as the release of Mandela is cultivating, a Mercedes-Benz plant in East London then comes up with an idea to gift Madiba with a brand new, top of the range Mercedes-Benz. (more…)

Infographic of South African Automotive Scene – June 2013

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has released yet another interesting and useful infographic to shed some light on the automotive scene in South Africa.

Last month, we published their infographic on May 2013, and now we bring you June’s numbers. It is quite interesting to compare the two; has he automotive scene picked up or has it dropped over the last month?

In May of this year, the total amount of new car sales in the country reached 53 997. This month, the figure came freakishly close to May’s number, clocking in at 53 562.

South Africans’ favourite cars have basically stayed the same, with a little change up in the ranks:

Top 5 Most Popular Trend Car in South Africa (June 2013):

1. VW Polo Vivo

2. Toyota Hilux

3. VW Polo

4. Nissan NP200

5. Chevrolet Utility


The Top 5 Motoring Brands in South Africa has also basically stayed the same, with a slight change in rankings:

June 2013:

1. Volkswagen

2. Toyota

3. Ford

4. GM

5. Nissan


For more interesting facts and figures, check out the image below:

Cars motoring infographic June

You can also go have a look at the infographic for May 2013 to compare the two.

Infographic of South African Automotive Scene – May 2013

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publishes a monthly motoring report in the form of an infographic.

This infographic details the South African automotive scene.  (more…)

C-Sick. We Drive The Brand New Citroen C4

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I’m one of those people who’s always liked the French.  Their lack of sentimentality, and hence lack of diplomacy has always rubbed me up the right way.  I was on the Paris Metro once and being a bit lost, was waiting in line at an info kiosk to ask for some assistance.  In front of me was an American Family. The American Family.  The American Family with fanny packs and fat where other people from other nations don’t have fat.

Full Gallery and review after the jump

‘Nightmare’ on the South African Streets for Drivers on Dec 4

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For those behind the wheel, road blocks are the worst nightmares on the road. Police play solving traffic puzzles, while we bang on the guy in front taking nap with a bumpy four-wheeler.  But according to Cape News, South African government departments are gearing up for a checking spree on December 4 to stage better road puzzles.


Lexus LX570 Now Available in SA, Brings Sheer Luxury & FWD

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If you survived the financial crisis and have money in the bank for a new car this year, how about the new Lexus LX570 that has just been announced in South Africa. Coming with exceptional off-road credentials, yet keeping its luxurious SUV appearance, the new Lexus LX570 benefits its occupants with every conceivable feature and typical Lexus refinement.

Lexus LX570

From what we’re hearing the LX570 hides a 5,7-litre V8 engine under the hood that sports a whopping 270 kW at 5,600 rpm and a peak torque of 530Nm at 3,600 rpm. This monsterish powerplant is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission and a full-time four-wheel drive system. Convinced? In South Africa, the new Lexus LX570 will cost a steep R1,085,000.

Check out the press release and more pictures, after the break.

Lexus LX570: The Ultimate Luxury In Four-Wheel Drive

Lexus welcomes its most capable off-road vehicle to South Africa, the Lexus LX570. With exceptional off-road credentials, the urban prowess only a Lexus could offer, ample power and presence, the LX570 will provide the status and image of the ultimate luxury SUV.

Engineers set out to build the most capable off-road vehicle ever produced without sacrificing the level of luxury expected of a Lexus. The LX570 offers the very best of off-road capability, yet benefits its occupants with every conceivable feature and typical Lexus refinement. It’s everything you’d expect of a Lexus and so much more thanks to its versatility of performance.

“We’re having a busy time of bringing a multitude of new Lexus products to South Africa, appealing to a constantly broadening variety of segments and customers,” says Kevin Flynn, General Manager of Lexus SA. “The latest LX570 brings yet a further dimension to the Lexus line-up in the wake of the recent introduction of our performance sedan, the IS-F. Not only is the LX570 a formidable off-road vehicle but in true Lexus style it offers luxurious accommodations of a first class standard.”

A full array of standard luxury amenities are on offer including: four-zone independent climate control, Lexus HDD Navigation System, Mark Levinson Sound System with 19 speakers and six disk DVD changer and rear seat entertainment, Smart Access keyless entry system with push-button start and more.

The LX570 luxury SUV adopts characteristics of the brand’s L-finesse design theme. The wide grille, with its “arrowhead” corner treatment, character lines integrated into the bumper, and large projector headlights convey a distinctly purposeful look. Pronounced wheel arches add an element of ruggedness to the elegant profile. Standard running boards fit closely to the body for an integrated appearance.

Inside, the LX570 is just as inviting with ample space for up to eight passengers and their cargo. The first-in-class standard power-sliding second-row seat slides forward and back for passenger comfort and cargo storage versatility. The second-row seatbacks provide a convenient 40/20/40 split and have been specially engineered to make tumbling it forward easy for anyone. A power retractable third-row seat is standard. The split rear tailgate features an electrically operated door on which the window and tailgate sections can be opened and closed using the key card or switch on the instrument panel.

The LX570’s 5,7-litre V8 delivers the punch and towing power demanded in this segment. The powerplant produces 270kW at 5,600 rpm and peak torque of 530Nm at 3,600 rpm. The V8 is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission designed to handle high torque while performing with Lexus quietness and smoothness. A sequential shift mode allows the driver to select gears manually. Even at very low speeds, such as trail driving, the transmission operates smoothly and imperceptibly.

The LX570’s transfer case provides full-time four-wheel drive that is equally adept at handling the rigours of slippery, muddy conditions. A 2.618:1 low-range ratio is available for challenging driving surfaces. The system uses a TORSEN® limited-slip locking centre differential to distribute power 40:60 front-to-rear, directing more power to the wheels with the best grip should slippage occur.

Four-wheel Active Traction Control (A-TRAC) employs both brake and throttle intervention to help control wheel spin. Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) helps maintain directional control during cornering and can be disengaged via the “TRAC off” switch.
The Crawl Control feature provides improved throttle modulation when manoeuvring over rough, uneven or difficult surfaces. Hill-start Assist Control (HAC) helps provide additional control for off-road driving by helping to keep the vehicle from rolling back while starting on a steep incline or slippery surface.

The LX570’s highly capable chassis is equipped with an advanced electro-hydraulic suspension system with four-wheel Active Height Control (AHC) and Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS). The high-mount, independent double-wishbone front suspension allows for nine inches of total front wheel travel for outstanding articulation over rough roads and obstacles. The four-link trailing-arm rear suspension retains the solid-axle configuration for strength and durability.

The Adaptive Variable Suspension system responds to the different inputs and spring rates, and it adjusts the shock absorber damping force to provide optimal handling and comfort for on-road or trail driving. AVS provides three modes to control the spring rate and shock absorber damping force.

Safety was a prime focus area in the development of the LX570. It therefore comes equipped with 10 standard airbags, including driver- and front-passenger knee airbags, front and second-row seat-mounted side airbags in the outboard seating positions, and side curtain airbags for all three rows. All eight seating positions feature three-point seatbelts. The second-row seatbelts integrate pre-tensioners for the outboard seats and an ELR (Emergency Locking Retractor) seatbelt for the centre seat.

Safety is further enhanced by features such as Active Front Headrests and the standard dual-swivel Adaptive Front lighting System (AFS).

The multi-terrain ABS system determines road-surface conditions and automatically optimises lock-up control, selecting the suitable ABS profile for on- and off-road driving surfaces. Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) ensures balanced braking force between the front and rear wheels, while Brake Assist (BA) provides auxiliary force to assist the driver during emergency braking
“The Lexus LX570 affirms the brand’s status as an authority on dynamic luxury, without sacrificing anything in the way of performance or off-road abilities. It’s everything you could possibly desire from an SUV,” concludes Flynn.

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