This is the world’s most expensive motor home

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When you think of a motor home, you can’t help but picture a 80’s style karavaan slowly making its way down to the seaside from up North. However, this motor home (or RV is you will) is nothing like the caravans you see in Hartenbos over December. It’s actually like a moving mansion.

The element Palazzo is the world’s most expensive and most luxurious motor home and has (surprisingly) just been sold to an unmanned owner in the city of lux – Dubai.

This seriously pimped out RV was sold for a whopping $3 million. But once you see what this RV holds both inside and outside you can still try and make sense of the exuberant price tag.

Developed by Marchi Mobile – an Austrian company founded by former trucking mogul Mario Marchi – this RV is the stuff dreams are made of. That is if you dream of luxury motor homes covered in actual gold.  (more…)

Nico Rosberg Decides Never To Bring His RV to Istanbul

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Nico Rosberg RV

Nico Rosberg, the Mercedes F1 Driver, is one freak as he avoids staying at hotels in Turkey for the Istanbul GP edition by lodging in his motor home, but the F1 driver has decided it is his last stay at the motor home in Turkey.

Nico was noticeably frustrated by the Turkish traffic and the transporting charges which he thought were too high compared to the benefits he gained by brining in his personal commuter home to Turkey. Nico openly quipped that it is ‘definitely’ the last time he has endeavored to do it.

Considering his reasons, we believe he has taken the right decisions.

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