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They’re making knock-off Range Rovers in China

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Evoque, X7

It’s common knowledge that in China you can get designer handbags, watches and smartphones for less than half the price – and we all k now why that is; because they are fake.

And while we have all become accustomed to this, a certain Chinese company may have taken it a step too far this time when they produced a ‘knock-off’ version of one of the most recognisable and award-winning cars in recent history.

Say hello to the all-new (all ‘different’) LandWind X7 – or is that the Range Rover Evoque?

LandWind-X7 (more…)

All new Range Rover Autobiography: Video

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2013 Range Rover (2)

If ever there was a car that I am pretty sure everyone in the world would want, (regardless if you’re a soccer mom or F1 driver), it would have to be the new Range Rover Autobiography. Sleek and sexy and oh so luxurious – can I place my order, please?

recently had the opportunity to test drive the Autobiography (queue jealousy) and lucky for us, filmed the whole experience.

From the elegant interior design to the high-tech, self-parking (yes, really) features, this car really seems like anybody’s dream car. (more…)

Range Rover Plans Addition in Family; New Model to be Positioned between Evoque and Range Rover Sport

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Range Rover is planning to add another model into its family of beauties. This new model will be slotted in between the new Evoque and the Range Rover Sport. This model which will share components with forthcoming Land Rover models, will cost more than the £35k Evoque, but less than the £46k Sport. Encouraged by the reception to the Evoque, the bosses in the company believe that a new model is sure to be a success.


Land Rover Brings Its Range Rover Evoque To The Fore

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Land Rover’s new compact Range Rover Evoque has been unveiled with the promise that the car would be the smallest, lightest, cleanest Range Rover ever. Unveiled at a ceremony that marked the 40th anniversary of the Range Rover line, the Evoque rolled out of the company’s assembly line with many a celebrity applauding it.

Range Rover Evoque

Land Rover has built the Evoque based on the same platform as the LRX concept with no change whatsoever.

The Evoque has been offered as Land Rover’s first front-wheel drive vehicle. Concerns for the environment have also gone into its making with efforts having been undertaken to snip CO2 emissions below 130g/km on the fwd, diesel version that comes powered by a Ford-PSA-sourced 2.2 TD. The London unveiling saw the three-door Evoque, and it is being said that a five-door version will soon come through.

Showcased as an exclusive, cosmopolitan, cross-continental and sophisticated model, the Evoque will see its world debut at the Paris Motor Expo that gets underway on September 30, this year. UK dealerships are expected to see the arrival of the Evoque, starting summer next year. Likely to sport a £30k-plus price tag in the UK, Land Rover will be offering the Range Rover Evoque in two- and four-wheel drive options.

What do you folks think? We’re completely SOLD!

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2011 Range Rover to get an Upgraded Engine

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Range Rover Sport

The next edition of the Range Rover SUV will feature an upgraded engine as per a letter received by some German dealerships. The current model lineage is powered by a 3.6-liter V8 variant, however the 2011 model will feature a more powerful 4.4-liter V8 turbodiesel option. The better engine incorporation will make the Range Rover a more expensive vehicle in 2011 as it will be priced at €88,900, €3,000 more than the current generation model. The official press release of the 2011 Range Rover will be held on June 17 this year while in July, Range Rover will be celebrating its 40 years of existence, following which the sales will begin in October this year.

Land Rover Unveils 2010 Range Rover Sport

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Land Rover’s latest vehicle— the 2010 Range Rover Sport, seems to be quite a treat with plenty of power coming from underneath its hood (not the diamonds). Powered by a 3.0-litre V6 twin turbo diesel produces 245PS and maximum torque of 600Nm and the 5.0-litre supercharged V8 petrol engine it will dish out 510PS and 625Nm of torque. This means that the 2010 Range Rover Sport could end up with a performance that matches the likes of Mercedes-Benz ML 63 AMG, but the final figures on that one are yet to be announced.

There are loads of other changes on the inside and the outside as well with new front bumper with redesigned wings, LED headlights, two-stripe LED indicators, color-coded door mirrors, a new two-bar grille and new rear light clusters giving it a brand new exterior. With plush leather interiors, fewer switches to deal with, new radio/CDMP3 player with a 5-inch screen, USB connectivity and an exclusive iPod jack even the interiors get a step up. Let’s just wait for the final figures though before we get all excited on this one!

Range Rover Sport vehicle blings it up with diamonds galore!

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It seems that not everyone is feeling the pinch of recession after all. New York based jewelry designers Tiret along with LSE have created a new two door coupe that is based on the Range Rover Sport. The latest set of wheels is more about style, bling and status than actually anything else under its hood. Of course, that is no surprise when the designing of a car includes a jewelry firm. And Tiret lives up to that expectation with diamonds studded lavishly into instrument cluster dials, a luxurious built-in Tiret clock, Nappa leather seats, custom twin chrome tailpipes, exclusive woodwork and a stunning glass roof. Unveiled at Baselworld 2009 in Switzerland, expect this to most likely end up on the streets of Manhattan!

Arden Range Rover AR7 Highlander

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Arden Range Rover AR7 Highlander

Arden is Tata’s favorite tuner specialized on doing the best with the Jaguar and Land Rover brands. These guys got their hands on a Range Rover last year and turned it into an AR7, but this time they’re meaner than before and here is their work, the new AR7 Highlander.

Everything started with the standard supercharged Jaguar V8 engine that outputs 400 hp. Arden added a high-performance twin-screw supercharger that delivers 520 hp and 701 Nm of torque doing 0 to 100 km/h in a mere 6.5 seconds and topping at 240km/h.

Source: Arden

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