Toyota Prius Coupe for 2014

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Toyota, obviously unsatisfied with what they currently have on the market with the Prius, is now expanding the squad. Well, that is what we guessed from the announcement made about the possibility of the Prius C and Prius V editions. In addition we also hear that Toyota is looking into producing a Prius Coupe for 2014.


2012 Toyota Camry Likely Later This Year

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Any chance for a redesigned Camry soon? It seems so. Vice President of Toyota USA Bob Carter has hinted at a redesigned Camry that could possibly be unveiled by the end of this year.


Prius Family Expanding; Billboard Drops Hint of New Arrival

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Finally, on the tenth anniversary year of the launch of the Prius, Toyota seems to be adding to the Prius family. At the party celebrating the Prius’ tenth year in the market, Toyota unveiled a billboard that displayed a people carrier that stated that the Prius family was getting bigger. It is expected that Toyota will be bringing out three new variants of the Prius – a hatch, a people mover and a smaller compact car.


Toyota Prius Minivan Version Caught on Spy Camera

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Spy photos of what appears to be the long-anticipated minivan version of the Toyota Prius have surfaced. The hybrid minivan, rumored to be the Prius Alpha, was spotted in California following a new Lexus CT200h with its logos covered. From the picture, it can be clearly seen that the minivan appears to be having a Prius-like front fascia. It is also evident that the windshield, front window line and tail lamps of the minivan are similar in design to that of the Prius.


Toyota’s Six New Hybrids by 2012

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Toyota has announced that they have plans to introduce six new hybrid vehicles by the year 2012. The company has not revealed too many details yet, apart from the at that they are planning to have three of thee models only as hybrids and the other three will be hybrid versions of models that are already out on the market, which are currently running as petrol versions.


Toyota Verso-S to Debut in Paris

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Toyota has announced the Verso-S, which will debut at the Paris Motor Show. The Japanese auto giant also has plans to unveil other new models in Paris, but the main focus will be on Verso, a car which the company claims to be “small, spacious and smart”.


Toyota Considering Prius Minivan for 2011

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Toyota Hybrid X Concept 6

Toyota may be a tad on the low side after its relentless string of technical issues which has seen so many Toyota commuters being recalled, but the Prius has been one ray of hope that has never let the moniker down. Toyota is now thinking of further embarking upon the Prius success and the news is that a Prius Minivan may be released in 201. The Prius derivative will come with three rows of seats that will help the commuter accommodate a maximum of seven passengers. What is great is that it will again be a green commuter that will be based on the Li-on battery technology. This will help to improve fuel economy and the excess weight will also not be an issue.

Another Toyota Prius Causes an Accident due to Unintended Acceleration

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It was on a California freeway that a man managed to escape any sort of injury when his Toyota Prius went out of control because of unintended acceleration and a day later, a 56-year old woman faced the same consequence in Harrison, New York.

toyota prius pedal problems

The woman was driving her 2005 Prius model and she sustained injuries as she was pulling out of the driveway when the Prius shot across the street and crashed into a stone wall. It wasn’t a case where the floor mat got stuck and the reason of the crash is a faulty accelerator pad which has the tendency to get stuck on occasions. The Prius in question had already been taken to a dealership after a company recall before this crash. For now Toyota is answering questions to convince the bothered US authorities who are pushing Toyota for another recall.

Not nice Toyota, not nice!

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