Nissan 240/Fairlady Z Successor – Artist Rendering

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Do you really think car manufacturers can build a really affordable rear-wheel-drive coupe, with supercar looks? Nissan does and they even planned something! Our advice? Contact Polish designer Iacoski that recently came out with a gorgeous rendering of what should be the Nissan 240Z/Fairlady revival.

So that’s how a budget coupe looks like? They could’ve fooled me! With a mix between the old 240’s slopping roofline and the short rear overhangs with the muscular haunches and angled fender flares of the current 350Z, that design really blew our minds. That guy knows really knows his business.

I’d certainly buy one of these if it were so “affordable”.

via NihonCar

Nissan's Electric Car by 2010

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We have been hearing promises from car manufacturers that we will soon drive fully electric cars, and it seems we are getting closer to seeing those promises come to life. The Tesla, Zap and Six50 are rumored to come out and burn rubber on the streets next year, while GM’s Volt will be a litle slower and will come out a year later.

Nissan Denki Cube Electric Car

Nissan is planing also to launch an electric car of their own, by 2010. They recently delighted our eyes at the New York Auto Show with an electric version of their Cube and it seems they EV’s will be made mostly for the US. Why wouldn’t they bring it to South Africa, we don’t know. All we know is that the market would probably buy it …

2009 Nissan Maxima Revealed

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2009 Nissan Maxima

After showing you the electric Denki Cube from Nissan, we have something new. Apparently well kept under the covers the new 2009 Nissan Maxima full resolution pictures have been released to the market ahead of the New York Auto Show tomorrow. Just like said, Nissan’s Maxima has always been re-designed from 3 to 5 years with major updates. In my opinion it looks good but I’m not overwhelmed …

Will get more info about it tomorrow. Do you like it?

2009 Nissan Denki Cube Concept

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2009 Nissan Denki Cube Concept

I’ve just managed to get some pictures with the newest leaked car from Nissan. It’s an electric vehicle dubbed Nissan Denki Cube, still a concept, that we will probably see on the floor at the New York International Show tomorrow. Aside from its design it has great specs. The car is able to run at 75 mph (top speed) for about 100 miles without the need to charge the battery. The 2009 Nissan Denki Cube is built in partnership with NEC and takes 8 hours to charge the lithium-ion battery.Do you like it?

Nissan GT-R Specs Brochure

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Nissan GT-R

Rumors of a Spec V version of R35 Godzilla, that we all knew as the new Nissan GT-R, were confirmed these days when a brochure leaked and the result seems to be simple more power and less weight. By using several techniques to pump up the muscles of a sports car the new Nissan GT-R is supposed to come with an all-carbon fiber body and should develop 382 kW / 512 bhp. To be honest this could suit well the Bond car, but who knows.

I’m not sure what the price would be, probably somewhere near $100k but if you consider the performances (this could probably get from 0 to 60 in 3 seconds?) it sure seems like a great deal.

New Nissan GT-R

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Nissan Motor Co., Ltd, today announced the launch of the new model – GT-R. it is peoclaimed as “an ultimate supercar enjoyable to anyone, anywhere, at anytime”. The car will be available mainly through Nissan High Performance Centers.
New GT-R embodies the new understanding and appreciation of natural forces of gravity, inertia and aerodynamics. The car transforms these forces into an absolutely new design, maximal tire grip and airflow.

To increase the interaction between a driver and a vehicle a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) never seen before in the marketplace was designed and became an integral property of a new model. The main principles of a new GT-R are speed and efficiency, high-output with environmental mindfulness and high performance and safety.


So Nissan has designed a completely new model offering advanced high performance for secure and enjoyable driving free of climatic, road condition or driving technique limitations. The car suits to drive on snow, rain or urban areas owing to its advanced technology and driving dynamics.
The perfect characteristics of a new car were reached also through specialized production process. The components are assembled with a special high-precision process, which includes a series of vibration tests. Engines and transmissions are assembled in a “clean room” environment and after its completion every car of the present series undergoes several comprehensive tests to ensure the proper operation of all vehicle components.

The owners of a new GT-R will be offered total support for the first three years of ownership including measurement and adjustment of the engine, transmission and wheel alignment after the first 1000 km.


More images after the jump (more…)

Nissan 350Z Cobra kitted

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The new Nissan 350Z Roadster starts into the new convertible season with some modifications. Cobra Technology & Lifestyle already offers a broad range of sporty COBRA N+ tuning components for the 2006 model. Of course most COBRA N+ options are also available for the modified 350Z coupe.

The facelift on the 350Z bodywork required the development of new COBRA N+ bodystyling components made from flexible PU-Rim in original equipment quality. The COBRA N+ front spoiler, which also fits on the coupe, not only lends the 350Z more passing prestige but also minimizes aerodynamic lift on the front axle. The front is further refined with a special COBRA N+ grate made from high-gloss stainless steel. (more…)

Nissan Skyline GT-R

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nissan_skyline_gt_r_01.jpgNissan engineers are working hard on putting the finishing touches to the new Nissan Skyline GT-R, which will debut at the next Tokyo auto show (october 24th). While we wait for official photos, the japanese magazines and Holiday Auto have some very interesting information regarding the price and the engine of this new super-car from Nissan.

According to Holiday Auto, the engine will be called VR38, part of a new family of extremely light engines, built with extensive use of aluminium, titanium and magnesium. The VR family will be very different from the VQ family of V6 engines, used in a good portion of Nissan/Infiniti coupes and sedans.

The VR38 engine will be a V6 with a 3.8-liters capacity, with two variable geometry turbines with a pressure of 1.47 bar. Valvelift and timing will be variable, thanks to the new Nissan system called VVEL.

Power output will be 480 ps at 6,800 rpm, but the VR38 engine will have more than 90% of top power still available between 6,800 and 7,500 rpm (redline at 7,600 rpm). Torque will be impressively linear: 580 Nm constant between 1,700 and 5,600 rpm.

The GT-R will be based on a Premium Midship platform, which has a weight distribution of 50/50 on the front and rear axles. The 4WD system and the weight distribution is a good premise for the road handling characteristics of the GT-R.

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