TYM Switzer’s R850 Nissan GTR

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Switzer R850 Nissan GT-R

You need to be an extreme racing enthusiast to park one of these into your garage. Tym Switzer’s 800hp Nissan P 800 GTR is one such variant that thrives on race-gas to clock those magical timings but you need to be prepared to strain the driveline a bit for such is the impact of the gas that powers the car.

The P in the name actually symbolizes the package as a daily use one meaning that it is an 800hp car that can be driven daily but then nothing can be done about people who prefer no limits. For that kind of a lot the R package has been used and this R refers to the race fuel. With this gas in the tank the numbers obviously sore to 850 hp and 820 lb-ft torque but the driveline loss is about 15%.

This latest R package will be priced at $20,990, and it includes pump gas and race fuel tunes, as well as Switzer’s updated cooling package that features a dual-core radiator, thermostat and revised Switzer MONSTER intercoolers.

US Only 2010 Nissan Leaf Electric Car

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Nissan has always been unsure about the success its alternative-fuel car in the US but it has in store is bound to change the trend next year. And, the confidence oozes from the fact that the Nissan Leaf (its first pure-electric car) will be a US only model. The design form belongs to the category of a front-drive C-segment Hatch which can seat four to five people. The company has great emphasis on the ability of this car which can behave an as everyday option rather than some specialty with its 100-mile range. Nissan believes that this range should be ample given the number of people who drive less than those 100 miles in s day (the figure stands at 80%).


A lot of emphasis has been laid on the design to ensure that the appearance is unique but not something bizarre or strange. The rarity of the car also lies in its powertrain as it churns out 90 kW of power using a array of thin, laminated lithium ion cells, while it’s front-mounted electric motor delivers 80 kW with 208Nm of torque. This helps the car clock 140km/h when the throttle is choked to the floor.

2010 Nissan 370Z Roadster unveiled

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Still sporting the 3.7-litre naturally aspirated engine from the coupe that dishes out 332 hp, the latest couple of versions of the 370Z Roadster from Nissan are all about style, accessorizing and luxury rather than power under the hood. Available in Roadster and Touring Roadster versions, the first one will be available in late summer with a folding soft roof which operates either through a button at the centre console or buttons on the doors.

The Touring Roadster will have the folding roof and also heated and cooled leather seats for open-top driving in any weather, Bluetooth cell phone connectivity, an 8-speaker Bose sound system and XM satellite radio as additional options.  The Touring range will also come in a couple of trim packages depending on what you can spend and your choice of accessories and will be available in 7 different color options.

At this point it is the Touring version that seems to offer more value for money rather than just the plain Roadster. But we will have to wait for the prices to pass final judgment on that. [via ]

Nissan GT-R gets Facelift from Wald

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Let’s make it clear. The new Nissan GT-R doesn’t need any add-ons to make it even more spectacular than it is, but hell, who are we to argue with guys that think it doesn’t pay homage to sportscars. For that reason, Wald International decided to brew their own body package (nothing on the engine side …) that will make you fall in love with it, if you haven’t yet. It includes more carbon-fibre parts to make it lighter, a custom built a front-lip spoiler and nose cover, a rear wing and is all wrapped in a glossy finish typically used for street cars (wet carbon fibre) or a dull matte grey color (dry carbon fibre). Expect to pay some $11,500 for the first one or $26,410 for the dry version. Worth it? We’ll let you decide …

Nissan 370Z – all you need to know about it

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Nissan found a really nice way to say Happy New Year to those passionate about speed and style. Debuted in November at the LA Auto Show, their 2009 Nissan 370Z got more specs out including a price. The super coupe is replacing the older 350Z, and is now powered by a 3.7-liter V6 engine that produces 332 hp and 270 lb-ft of torque.

Also interesting is that the new Nissan 370Z is going to feature two new transmission options including a six-speed manual with an optional rev-matching feature (automatically blips the throttle on downshifts) and a seven-speed automatic.

On the inside it promotes luxurious materials that scream comfort and exquisiteness from every single part: amazing stereo, leather-trimmed sport seats, navigation with with iPod connectivity.

On the outside and spec-wise Nissan 370Z should include a double-wishbone front suspension, a wider body (1.1 inches), front and rear spoilers, Nissan Sport brakes (sport package), boomerang-style headlights and taillights, and a antilevered roofline.

Starting at $29,930 for the base version (6-speed transmission), the 370Z Coupe hops at $31,230 if you’d like the 7-speed automatic brings the total to $31,230. The other version the car will be offered in, the Touring model, starts at $34,460 with the 6-speed manual or $35,760 with the aforementioned automatic.

Oh and if you think that’s not enough, then there’s a stylish package that should tune it up really nice. We’re sold. How about you?

600hp Godzilla Package for Nissan GT-R from Hennessey

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Now why in the world would you want to take something as finely balanced as the Nissan GT-R and modify using it a tuning kit that is named ‘Godzilla Package’? The Texas-based tuner Hennessey, released a 600 hp upgrade for the GT-R along with air induction system, electronic boost control, an improved wastegate actuator, and front-mount intercooler system. That seems to put the GT-R more out of balance than enhance its aerodynamics and while we also get turbo down pipes, mid-pipe exhaust, and rear section exhaust in stainless steel, we could still use some slimming down of the whole package. Available with installation for a $14,500 cash and on shipping for $11,500, this is where the ‘beast meets the beauty’.

New Generation Nissan Cube Revealed

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Guys, it’s real. The 2010 Nissan Cube is now live in Japan and should be the thing that every compact car fan needs. Right? It should be available from this November (26th if what we’ve heard turns out to be true) in Japan, next spring (2009) in the US and by the end of 2009 in the whole world. With a jacuzzi-like interior, more space and comfort, a large glass roof panel, and other gimmicks, I’m pretty sure that the Cube will sell like hot bread. Under the fancy hood there’s a 1.5-litre engine that can be driven both as a 2WD and as a 4WD. Prices start from some $15,000 up to $20,000. Depends on the options you choose.

Nissan's NV2500 Concept Truck

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In 2010, Nissan is expected to entry the commercial truck market with its newly NV2500 Concept Truck that will debut at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show. So far it’s the largest concept vehicle from Nissan that have seen daylight. It may be me but it looks a lot like those huge Ford or Chevrolet full-sized vans with its long-nosed panel and front sheet metal. Check out these teasing images of the new NV2500 concept truck and let us know what you think. Like it? – via