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The Truth about Power

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You have just taken ownership of your new 225kW BMW 335i. At the traffic lights a normal Mazda 6 MPS pulls up next to you. The petrol head that you are, you know every cars’ power output like you know your two times table. From the last car magazine you read you know this car pushes out 191Kw. You have a whole 34kW more so you figure out that you could smoke him and decide to take him on. Something just never went to plan as you struggled to shrug him off. You trying to understand why he kept up with you and the first thing that pops to mind is that this car must be modified although it was stock standard. (more…)

Jeep Trailhawk review

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First seen at this year’s Detroit Motor Show, the Trailhawk is not only an amazing looking machine, but gives a clear indication of how Jeep wants its cars to drive in the future.

Based on a stretched Wrangler platform and powered by an efficient 3.0-litre diesel, the all-wheel-drive four-seater looks typically tough. However, it promises to deliver a driving experience that will be more refined than any of its predecessors.

In fact, bosses at Jeep were keen to use the words ‘highway cruiser’ when talking about the Trailhawk’s road manners. It’s clear this is intended as a vehicle that’s comfortable to ride in, but is also packed with off-road ability.

With all of that in mind, the Trailhawk obviously has a lot to live up to – but it’s important to remember the huge newcomer is more than a mere flight of fantasy. Although it’s described as a concept, the Trailhawk is an important milestone in the development of Jeep’s new generation of SUVs. (more…)

Somebody dial 9-1-1

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 Porsche 997 Turbo Cabriolet

Porsche’s iconic 911 range has , since its inception in the early Sixties, been the benchmark by which other sports cars are judged by many. The cars embody the manufacturer’s notable dedication to epic performance backed by astounding reliability and provocative soundtracks. These traditions continue with the latest 997 911 Turbo Cabriolet, a soft-topped version of Porsche’s turbocharged all-wheel-drive supercar. (more…)

New hybrid Toyota pick up

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We’ve done it again! Car blog brings you exclusive spy photos of an undisguised next generation Toyota Pick-Up and it is definitely a stunner. Caught by spy photographers somewhere between the Blue and White Niles in eastern Sudan, Africa, the yet unnamed Pick-Up is powered by an innovative, eco-friendly animal-train that’ll subsequently replace Toyota & Lexus hybrid powertrains in the very near future. A Toyota representative revealed to Car blog in an off-the-cd conversation that the Japanese automaker has been reviewing two different types of animal-trains but declined to say what the second one was. Stay tuned for more info on this breaking story.

New Golf 6

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Golf 6.jpg

A UK publication namely Auto Express claims that they have obtained an exclusive preview of the new VW Golf 6 which plans to launch sometime next year. From the picture it can be seen that the design is slightly different to previous other artist impressions that was circulating in the press before.

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Audi Q7 reviewed

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Size matters. Or at least that seemed to be Audis philosophy when it came to developing its first off-roader. The Q7 is massive: 250mm longer and 68mm wider than the Discovery with a wheelbase of more than three metres. (more…)

Audi Q7 vs BMW X5 vs Land Rover Discovery

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land rover bmw x5 audi q7

The original BMW X5 made quite a splash when it hit SA showrooms in 2000. It wasnt the worlds first upmarket 4×4 the Range Rover preceded it by nearly 30 years but its arrival, more than that of any other model, helped to kick-start the surge in popularity for full-size SUVs.

The X5s blend of sexyness, sporting attitude, BMW quality and class-leading road manners made it the first choice for more than 50,000 South African buyers.

Environmental concerns mean the SUV sector is less fashionable now than it was eight years ago, but that hasn’t stopped BMW predicting great things for its second-generation X5. The larger newcomer is cleaner and more efficient than its predecessor, has revised front suspension to improve dynamics and, perhaps most importantly, now offers family buyers the option of seven seats. However, the premium 4×4 market is flooded with talented machinery such as the Audi Q7. The manufacturer took its time to jump on the SUV bandwagon, but its seven-seat offering aims to be all things to all men, combining space, comfort and quality with real driver appeal. Yet its unlikely the Germans will have everything their own way in this test. Our current class champion is the Land Rover Discovery. It makes no pretence at being sporty, but its sheer versatility has won it a legion of fans.

The original X5 surfed the SUV wave when the market boomed, and sold in huge numbers as a result. The second-generation model won’t have such an easy ride. Its still a fine car, though. Its increased practicality is welcome and it drives with the same verve and agility as its predecessor.

Factor in the superb straight-six diesel, and the X5 has the Q7 well beaten. The Audi tries to be all things to all owners, and falls between two stools as a result; its neither as crisp to drive as the BMW, nor as versatile as the Discovery.

Ultimately, the Land Rover is a very different car to the BMW, so the choice here boils down to your own personal priorities the X5 is for keen drivers with an eye on image, while the Discovery is for those who value comfort and convenience above all. Our pick is still the Discovery for it’s legend off road history which over powers the Audi and BMW offerings designed for on road activities.

BMW signs off Mommy-Mover

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After many years of consideration and thought, BMW has finally entered the market controlled by the likes of the Renault Scenic and Chrysler Grand Voyager. They are going to launch a mommy mover known as a Cross Over / Utility vehicle.

The idea has been around for a while and it is a feasible area of the market to exploit so there is no reason why BMW shouldnt. It will be known as the F3 and should reach showrooms by 2010 according to BMW sources. It will have the usual line up of BMW engines like the 2.0L petrol and 3.0L diesel and there is a possibility of the 3.0L Twin Turbo being shoved in. As in true Cross Over / Utility style, the car will feature seven seats and the features from the X3.

Personally I think it is a horrendous design and is further proof that making money is more important than making cars.