Mercedes SLS AMG

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Our advice for those looking for an unique ride, who still have the “pocket” to buy a supercar should choose between the McLaren beast and the Mercedes SLS AMG. As far as the latter is concerned, the AMG gull-wing coupe will come with a 6.3-liter V8 engine capable of producing a whopping 563hp with 480lb-ft of torque. This stunning engine power will be mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox which is ideal to harness the horses. The SLS AMG clocks 3.7 seconds to hit 60mph while the overall top speed is 197mph. The high resolution images of the AMG have gone public and the car will be unveiled at the upcoming Frankfurt event. [via ]

Limited Edition Mercedes Benz C63 AMG edition 63 for Australia

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The Australian car market will soon be embracing a limited edition Mercedes Benz C 63 AMG edition 63. The Edition 63 will have the same features such as those of the standard Mercedes Benz C 63 AMG giving it s similar look. There will be a few things different from the standard model including unique 19-inch DTM-style alloy wheels, three exclusive color choices Platinum Black, Mystic White, and Allanite Grey, and dark tinted privacy glass fitted to estate models. The interior will have a number of unique design features that include two rare upholstery colors- designo sand or designo classic red, extended black leather appointments with contrast stitching, illuminated door sills, AMG floor mats, and an AMG shifter.

The performance hasn’t been much toyed with and the only change is the addition of an AMG locking differential that helps with optimizing rear grip when accelerating out of turns. The engine choice includes the standard C63 AMG 6.3-liter V8 engine that produces 451hp and 600Nm of torque. It can pelt from 0 to 100 in 4.5 seconds, the estate variant clocks the same distance in 4.6 seconds. Only 63 of these units will be produced each selling for $169,900 AUD.


Brabus "Pimps" the new Mercedes E-Class Coupe

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The recently launched Mercedes E-Class Coupe just got an upgrade package from the wicked tuners from BRABUS. Running on a beefed up 6.1-liter V8 engine (from 5.5-liter) that outputs 462 hp (340 kW) and 615 Nm (453 lb-ft) of torque, the new Mercedes-Benz E500 features a billet crankshaft, larger pistons, and special four-valve cylinder heads with custom camshafts. With a stainless-steel quad exhaust systems and a stylish exterior that sweats power from every little joint, BRABUS sure managed to amaze us this time. So does the $40,000 price that they’re expected to cash in to making the new E-Class Coupe the most bad-ass kid behind the block. [via ]

New Mercedes E-Class Sedan For $49,475

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Isn’t it nice to see that the new model of a car is being sold for less than the current version? I’m talking about the new 2010 E-Class range and the E350 sedan, in particular. Apparently the good folks from the States are going to get their hands on one for $49,475, which is $4,600 lower than the original $54,075. And they have the same offer on the E550, which will cost you $57,175 — which is $2,500 lower on the base price. That sure looks like a great one if you’re a Merc fan and have some cash sitting in the bank for a new one.

New E-Class Tuning Package from Kicherer

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If you were thinking one of those upcoming Mercedes E-Class, Kicherer has plans for you. They recently announced a tuning package (based on the new E-Class AMG sports package) that includes carbon fiber body paneling, front and rear spoilers, side mirror covers and rear bumper that adds to its sportiness. But there’s more to it. Kicherer has added a set of 20-inch forged alloy wheels for style, a twin-piped performance exhaust system to raise its badass karma and a tuned suspension for one of the best rides you’ve ever had. We don’t have prices yet, but if you can afford a new E-class, we’re pretty sure Kicherer won’t get you broke … [via ]

Mercedes E-Class Coupe – Official Images Leaked

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Spied and hunted for the last few months, there’s not much you can comment when we get to look at something like that. These are leaked official images of the new Mercedes E-Class Coupe that the folks from managed to get their hands on. Previously known as the CLK, there are many changes that make that car more attractive than before. We’re talking about those sa twin-blade chromed grille, a twin-blade chromed grille, an integrated rear diffuser and what appears to be rear LED lights. We’re not sure if that’s an AMG version or not, but from what we see it’s an amazing design. A top seller. Mercedes-Benz is expect to show it off during the 2009 Auto Show in Geneva.

Chrome Finished Mercedes C63 AMG

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For those looking for golden cars (yes, those cars clad in gold), Dubai is a great place to start looking. One of the best ways to prove your wealth in those rich oil countries of the Orient is to get the cars covered in gold, silver or platinum. What got our eyes however, is this chrome-finished Mercedes C63 AMG that was recently posted on a web forum. With a large normally aspirated 6.2-litre V8 engine that outputs 451hp (336kW), torque of 443 lb-ft (600Nm) and reaching 100km/h in 4.5 seconds, that must be a sheik’s dream. Don’t you think? []

2010 Mercedes E-Class Coupe Spy Photo

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Do we love spyshots or not? Well we certainly do, and when it’s something as good as the 2010 Mercedes E-Class Coupe we’re even more thrilled to show it off. With an improved nose design that includes  two large horizontal lines on the grille and with a back that doesn’t make us fall in love, it’s the motorization that also got our interest: a 3.5 liter V6, a 5.4 liter V8 and an uprated 6.2 liter AMG V8. The new E-Class Coupe is going to be showed off next year at Geneva, so hold your horses while we find out more about it. [via ]