Daimler-Aston Martin in Talks to Outsource Maybach Production

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We are sure this is something that will excite you. We hear Daimler has begun parleys with Aston Martin to outsource the production of Maybach. The two auto giants are said to be holding talks as to reach a deal with regard to a situation where Aston Martin would get engine technology in exchange for building the next-generation Maybach.


New Maybach Zeppelin in Geneva

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Although their financial statement is not really pink, Maybach plans to revive one of the most renowned saloons in the brand’s history by adding more luxury to it. The amazing Maybach Zeppelin is making a comeback and is expected to rock the floors next month in Geneva. With a 6.2 biturbo V12 engine that outputs 640hp (471kW) of power and 1,000Nm of peak torque,  an exquisite California beige leather interior and a special two-tone paint scheme in “Rocky Mountains light brown” and “Taiga black”, the car is expected to sell to the rich for a whopping €406,000 (about $525k USD) for the 57 and €473,200 (some $612k) for the 62 version. [via ]

Maybach 62S Landaulet, Sells on eBay?

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Not sure about you, but for me that looks like someone trying to make a quick buck. Apparently what we have in here is a semi-convertible Maybach 62S Landaulet – the world’s most luxurious sedan , that is selling on eBay for a buy-it-now pice of $2.2 million. With a MSRP of $1.35 million for the US market and only 20 units to be produced, we find it hard to believe that a Texas guy got his hands on it and is trying to sell it. But if that’s true, you should know that it’s a loaded version that packs a 612hp (450kW) twin turbo V12 engine, has an amazing rollback canvass roof and a beautiful Baltic Black over Aspen White interior. I sure hope they have a chauffeur and a few ladies to go with the sale. [ebay via ]

How to drift with a Maybach 62 S

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Maybach 62 S is not exactly the car I’d buy to drift like a god, but rather drive it in town to get a couple of chicks. However, there are people that would like to use all the 612hp to make it run as fast as possible even thought it weighs 2,800 kg (6,184 lbs). So how hard do you think it is to drift with a Maybach 62? Imagine sitting in the back with a tuxedo, some fine champagne, cigars and a skilled driver that would take curves … “that” way. It must be fun.

The guys at did it, so they should know exactly. Here’s the video.

Rolls Royce Phantom vs Maybach 57s

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Petrolhead tests the Rolls Royce Phantom vs Maybach 57s