Speed and Sound Issue 75 is now out

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speed and sound
Speed and Sound Issue 75 is now out.

Featuring the best local content from around South Africa, we bring you coverage from the Speed and Sound / Yokohama Sport Compact series finals.

Our cover car is a VW beetle that features a groundbreaking sound install from the guys at Moniers.

We bring you a pant wetting classic in the form of a GTV6 3.0 twin turbo and chat to the guy that made it fast, Dawie De Villiers about building a quick Alfa Romeo. We dive into the truth behind sponsorships and take a look at what goes into the manufacturing of alloy wheels.

In a long awaited feature, we finally get hold of The Judge, Sav’s monster BMW Turbo. Anyone who has seen the car in action knows that it’s a serious machine. As is Alec’s 3S-GTE powered Toyota Conquest, dubbed Hot Wheels.

Representing the Cape is Robbie with his violent 2-door Mk4 Golf GTi in full race trim, built and driven as only Robbie knows how.

The sound guys are catered for with coverage from the Carino Sound Off and a report from the IASCA World Finals held in Atlanta where South African, Wayne Allen was invited to judge some of the cars.

VDUB Issue 9 features a smoking hot Mk2 GTi with motor work by JMS. This turbo chariot has the cleanest, neatest original paint that we’ve ever laid eyes on.

Still staying with the Mk2, we bring you a limited edition Spitze GTi 16v with a bit of a background as to what makes it so special and rare.

Ryan shows us how he supercharged his Jetta Mk2 – in an afternoon – in a step by step article.

We cover the VW Jamboree and bring you an über clean Mk1 Cabriolet as well as the usual regulars that you’ve learnt to love.

Speed and Sound Nov

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Once again, South Africa’s leading performance magazine brings you the hottest content our neck of the continent has to offer. Jam packed with hot rides, informative technicals and all the best event coverage. This is a keeper.

If the cover car doesn’t grab your attention, you should seriously seek some medical attention – it’s obvious that you are in fact dead. Check out the colossal 10 page feature on this awesome Nissan 350Z from premium show car builder, Duppie Du Plessis. No part of this supercharged, nitrous fed monster has been left untouched. Carbon fiber body panels and intense airbrushing are only the beginning of this car.

The Manta Ray is a Corolla with a difference. With Lambo doors and a custom body kit, this Toyota is a true enthusiast’s ride.

We show you where the Hannes Minnaar legacy is headed as we bring you the full story on his son, Michael’s, monster Toyota. Running a 3SGTE motor, this cab has already run low 11’s and it’s only seen a few events.

Elton Scullard from the Cape shows us his mighty N/A VW Golf and it’s plain to see why he’s one of our sponsored representatives in the Western Province.

The Sound section brings you a monster Hummer with an insane install and a Prado that has more screens than Hi-Fi Corp.

In the technicals we show you how to install a flame thrower and dismiss the rumours regarding octane additives.

We bring you event coverage from Sport Compact round 5, the first North vs South event this year and all the action from the Ultimate Street Car Challenge. Check out Chris and I battle it out on the track in the Celebrity Blacklist where we were pitted against some other local lifestyle magazines.


We found it! The much acclaimed and spoken about Jamex Polo had made its way between our pages. Slightly re-worked, and heavily restored, it looks better than ever.

Blue Motion is subtle but sweet. This Polo Classic has received all the necessary touches without losing sight of the goal posts. It also packs an award winning sound install that has to be seen.

An über neat Mk2 2.0 turbo also graces our pages and is on worth noting. This car makes serious power!

We take you through the fitment of a performance exhaust to the Golf 5 GTi and launch our first installment of Project: Euro. Keep an eye on our pages in the next few issues as we show you how to transform your Mk1 into a Euro special with simple over-the counter mods.

More Magazine News

Speed and Sound

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Issue 73 of the ever popular Speed and Sound once again features the best local content from South Africa.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a Drag car featured on the cover but trust me, this one is worth it. It’s a Chev Firenza, dubbed Freshly Squeezed for obvious reasons. In its lucent orange paint it has to be one of the best looking door slammers this side of the equator.

We feature two highly modified Opel TS’, one is a Speed and Sound sponsored racer while the other hails from the sleepy town of Orkney. We also go in depth to show you what makes the C20LET (Opel TS Motor) so strong and potent.


Speed and Sound issue 72

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Issue 72 of the Speed and Sound is due to hit shelves in your area soon.

This month we bring you the build of the Castrol Edge Auto Makeover Subaru STI, a vehicle that has been touched in just about every aspect imaginable. Traveling far and wide, it’s seen some top notch work.

Hailing from the fair Cape is a VW Jetta Mk4 that will surprise you. It’s a track based car but if you were to ditch the signage, you’d have a supercar killer of note.

We drive the new E92 BMW M3 and tell you exactly what we think about BMW’s latest benchmark.

Johan gives us a Mazda Rustler with a twist. No more front-wheel-drive antics for this gent, he painstakingly converted his bakkie to a rear-wheel-drive and fitted a Mazda motor… I won’t say what Mazda motor; you’ll have to see for yourself!

In the sound section we bring you an Audi TT with lots of attitude and attention to detail.

The Toyota Yaris is gaining popularity each day, and now the modifiers have latched on and Faheem is no different. Keeping it simple, he’s created something to be proud of.

Neeresh gives you the theory run down on building a wall while I show you some of the hottest, most innovative products to hit the streets in my technical features.

We bring you drag racing action from Swaziland and all the regulars you’ve learnt to love… this one’s a keeper!

Issue 71 Speed and Sound

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Issue 71 of the Speed and Sound is hot on the shelves. This jam packed issue features some of the most inspirational vehicles we’ve ever laid eyes on.

Our cover car hails from the Big Boss Auto stable. This ultra rare two door Golf IV will keep you glued to the pages in amazement and awe. One-off wheels and mesmerizing paint job make this VW something special.

Just as rare is the Topsport tuned VW Corrado, yup, you heard right, a VW Corrado running a turbo VR6 lump with looks to match. It’s been a long time coming but finally it’s here, between our pages in all it’s glory.

In a change from what we’ve grown accustomed to, a box-shape Nissan Sentra Coupe graces us with its presence. Fully customized, inside and out, with a meaty turbo power plant to boot.

Hailing from the shores of Japan but now terrorizing the streets of South Africa, Des Gutziet’s Top Secret R34 Skyline is an absolute monster. I drove with him round Wesbank to give you a first hand account of the raw power this beast possesses.

The tech section gives you the run down of your wheels, just about everything you need to know about alloys.

With a health dose of speed and sound, the ICE section plays host to a supercharged M3 with a killer JL sound install. Neeresh also shows you how to build a wall, getting you in shape for some big numbers.


This months installment of VDUB brings you the carnage that was rounds seven and eight of the GTi Challenge as well as pics from the Krugerdorp hillclimb.

The cover car is a force to be reckoned with: A pitch black MK IV GTi that’s as loud as it is strong, with subtlety being the key.

We test the CiTi-R and the new S3 Audi (hey, it’s VAG – we’re allowed to!) to give you the truth about these well-hyped cars.

The Cape has always been big on styling and Noor’s Mk 3 Jetta is cleaner than Kojak’s head.

Golf 6 draws closer

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VW Golf 6

As according to VWs plans, development of the next generation Golf is well underway. The Golf VI is being developed to be cheaper to build than the current Golf V, which has had VW management lamenting many ills: the electronics are too complicated and require highly qualified personnel, increasing training costs. The doors and the multilink rear suspension also require complex assembly techniques, leading to production times almost double those of rivals which leads to high production costs. The result is a car which in 2004 generated €900 million less than expected, one of a myriad reasons why VW has considered a replacement much earlier than originally planned. (more…)

Speed n Sound issue 68

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Issue 69 of Speed and Sound magazine has been released and features a five page write up! Everyone at Zoopedup and Carblog would like to thank the folks at SNS for the awesome exposure! (more…)


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Finally. The wait is over.

South Africa’s, nay, AFRICA’s First VW-Only aftermarket and performance vehicle magazine is now available. Limited print run means this first issue is sure to have cult like value and status!

A smoking red Mk1 old-skool vdub graces the cover and exclusive features inside include: G60 Vw Mk2 Golf, Flip-Flopped Mk1 16v monster and a slick Revo Tuned, Vw Mk5 running on 19″ alloys! Somewhat thinner then the usual Speed & Sound Magazine content, but they’v made up for it with a stunning centre-fold photo poster of a Mk2 dub.

Official Magazine Launch date is 1st April, the CNA’s and newstands should get their copies from the 22nd March. Now now, being a VW blooded nutter, we can only have so much patience. Autostyle Motorsport has managed to grab a 100 odd magazines for ourselves.

A huge congratulations to the boys & girls at Speed & Sound Magazine, and expect tons of support from us at Autostyle Motorsport.

IMMEDIATELY available at our Johanesburg store, and available from Next Thursday at our Umhlanga Ridge store.

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