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Lotus 2010 F1 Car T127 Launched

Published by on Feb 15th, 2010, 1 Comment

Lotus T127 Lotus Cosworth Racing Launch1 Lotus 2010 F1 Car T127 Launched

With the Bahrain GP closing in, it was time that the Malaysian-owned F1 team Lotus unveiled its 2010 F10 car and Lotus has come up with the T127. The 2010 T127 comes in a deep green color with a yellow trim and the developers acknowledge that it is slightly overweight race car. Lotus started developing the car as late as September last year and hence it was difficult to develop a light car in just 5 months but the T127 does look shorter in appearance compared to the Ferrari or the McLaren F1 units. Team Lotus intends to finish every race this year and but realizes that it will not be easy. For Mike Gascoyne, one of the experts engineers from the F1 circuit, The T127 is a good, solid current car irrespective the fact that it was produced in 5 months. The race car will be thoroughly tested at Jerez next week.

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