Lamborghini’s Latest Teaser is Out – Plus a Manifesto

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Lamborghini has released their ‘Manifesto for future Supersportscars’ along with a new teaser photo of their new vehicle, which still remains shrouded in mystery.


Lamborghini’s Next-Gen Murcielago Teaser Out

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A new teaser image of the beauty that is rumored to be the next-generation Murcielago from Lamborghini has been previewed. The new visuals provide  a closer look at this much-anticipated offering.


Lamborghini Estoque Expected to Finally Arrive; Likely to Be a Four-Door Beauty

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Lamborghini’s senior executive Stephan Winkelmann has hinted at the company’s plans of adding another model to the Lamborghini line-up. Going by what he has said, a third model in the line up would fit Lamborghini very well. Though not many details have been revealed, it is expected that the new vehicle would be a four-door car.


Lamborghini To Add Sports Car And SUV To Line Up

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Lamborghini is set to roll out two entirely new models. The line up is to have a V8-powered entry-level sports car and another model – most likely an SUV. The V8-powered entry-level sports car is said to be likely to be positioned just below the Gallardo. This model will be Lamborghini’s attempt afresh to get back into the sports car segment. If you would remember, the car maker had in the 70s and 80s unveiled the Urraco, Silhouette and the Jalpa. These models were pitted against the Ferrari/Dino 308 GT4 and the Maserati Merak those days.

Meanwhile, the new upcoming SUV is said to take off from the LM002. The Lamborghini SUV might see itself positioned on the same platform as the Porsche Cayenne and the VW Touareg. However, we might get to see the car in a distinct design when it arrives.

BF-performance Tuning Kit for the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4

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Swiss tuning house BF Performance has worked its magic on the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 with its GT600 tuning package which can be used both for the Coupe and the Spyder. BF Performance was inspired by the fact that the Gallardo is a very innocent car which is neither dynamic nor individual enough and hence BFP set out to make it look more aggressive using aerodynamics also reducing weight in the bargain.

Lamborghini Gallardo by BF-performance 1

The kit comes with new side skirts, a rear diffuser and a rear wing all of which are made of carbon fiber. Though the engine mod details have not been made public, the tuning house claims that the GT600 helps the car with better acceleration while the use of Carbon-ceramic brakes take care of the speed. On the inside, the passengers get sports seats and a rollover cage. Available for order right away, the BF team can even redo the Gallardo with a rear-wheel drive-train.

When Just a Lamborghini is Not Enough

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Lamborghini Gallardo With Towbar 1

Can you imagine that for some people, simply owning a Lamborghini Gallardo is not enough? That seems to be the case with this guy who’s showing off with a custom bike (bearing the Lambo moniker) and a custom trailer to carry it around town. So if we’re to make the math, it’s $250k for the car, some $150k for the bike and another $10k for the trailer — a total of $410k, just to be seen. Not bad, eh?

4,000th Lamborghini Murcielago rolls off the production floor

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Lamborghini is in high spirits as the Italian moniker has managed to roll out the 4,000th Murcielago from the assembly line in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy.

4000 Murcielago

Lamborghini President Stephan Winkelmann was pleased to achieve the feat as he believed that Lamborghini was successful with its product strategy and model range. Precisely, the 4,000th model was the LP 670-4 SuperVeloce featuring a 6.5L V12 beast that produces 661hp with 660Nm of torque. This amazing engine power helps the car dash from 0 to 60mph in 3.2 seconds while the super sports car achieves a top speed of 212mph. It will be a Chinese customer who will receive this landmark model that embraces Arancione Atla Orange on the outside and Alcantara material with black sports seats on the inside.

Updated Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 heading to Geneva

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Lamborghini Gallardo LP-560-4

The ultimate Gallardo successor is still a mystery and many predict that it will not happen before 2012 which means rumors about an updated Lambo Gallardo LP570-4 model get your adrenaline to higher levels. Supposedly headed for the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, the nomenclature signifies the addition of 10hp which will take the overall count to 570 horsies equally distributed to the four wheels of the new Gallardo. Minor changes on the inside will also be evident along with changes on the outside embracing aerodynamics — a new front spoiler, a carbon fiber rear wing and an all new front suspension arrangement. Carbon ceramic brakes may help the car come to a halt but this is again an assumption as of now. [via ]