A. Kahn’s Jeep Wrangler Sahara

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A.Kahn Design has recently got their hands on a Wrangler Sahara and  introduced an all new, premium vehicle combining legendary, benchmark capability with rich, modern styling – all while keeping the iconic and original exterior of the Jeep Wrangler. (more…)

Bulgarian Designer Goes Wild With American Muscle Car

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The first line in the press release mentions Bulgarian Design Studio, Vilner. Call me narrow minded, but I can’t think of the last automotive marvel to eminate from the eastern block country. Which I suppose is why this Vilner Cherokee is so special.

Starting life as a previous-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8, an already powerful SUV, the car first made a stop at legendary/insane tuning house Henessy, where they boosted the cars 400horses to a frankly frightening 600hp. Thankfully that power is distributed via all 4 wheels, or the owner would go through rear tyres like Chappies.

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Jeep Pick Up Delayed

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If you are a patient customer waiting for a successor to the Scrambler, you are in for some disappointment. For, this highly expected vehicle from Jeep is seen as put on the backburner – at least for a while.


Jeep to Introduce Fiat-based Supermini

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Jeep is all set to introduce a B-segment supermini. The realization that there indeed space in the market for a Jeep-brand B-segment SUV has led to the automaker to already starting to build the car. Expectations are that the car will be on the road by 2013.


2011 Jeep Compass Made Official at Detroit

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Jeep has officially unveiled the 2011 Compass at the  Detroit Auto Show. This face-lifted version of the original Jeep Compass is available with a Freedom Drive II package which adds low-range gearing, an increased ride height, and Trail Rated badging.


Jeep Pick Up Truck Not Approved; Chrysler Crisis to Blame

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Jeep was to launch it’s  pick up truck, the model supposed to be inspired by the Gladiator Concept of 2005. It was demonstrated at the Chrysler dealer convention held in Orlando two months ago. But the latest news has it that the truck hasn’t been approved.


Jeep Trailhawk review

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First seen at this year’s Detroit Motor Show, the Trailhawk is not only an amazing looking machine, but gives a clear indication of how Jeep wants its cars to drive in the future.

Based on a stretched Wrangler platform and powered by an efficient 3.0-litre diesel, the all-wheel-drive four-seater looks typically tough. However, it promises to deliver a driving experience that will be more refined than any of its predecessors.

In fact, bosses at Jeep were keen to use the words ‘highway cruiser’ when talking about the Trailhawk’s road manners. It’s clear this is intended as a vehicle that’s comfortable to ride in, but is also packed with off-road ability.

With all of that in mind, the Trailhawk obviously has a lot to live up to – but it’s important to remember the huge newcomer is more than a mere flight of fantasy. Although it’s described as a concept, the Trailhawk is an important milestone in the development of Jeep’s new generation of SUVs. (more…)