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Jaguar showcases special F-Type Tour de France model

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Even of Team Sky does not win this year’s Tour de France, they will still have something to brag about – one kick ass support vehicle in the form of a special edition Jaguar F-Type.

The once-off F-Type coupe has been specially designed for Team Sky and will act as the team’s official support vehicle during the penultimate stage of the grueling Tour de France cycling race.

The car was designed and built by Jaguar Land Rover’s all new Special Vehicle Operations division, and will without a doubt blow the socks (wheels?) off any other support vehicle in the race.

The car, which is based on the F-Type R Coupe, produces a powerful 542 horsepower from a 5.0 liter, supercharged, V8 engine. (more…)

Chris Harris drives the new Jaguar F-type coupe

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The new Jaguar F-type coupe is beautiful car, there’s no doubt about that. But besides being beautiful, this car is also very powerful and obviously causes a great thrill when seen in action.

This is exactly what we have got for you on this lovely Friday – a video of the Jaguar F-type coupe in action!

And, of course, the car is reviewed by none other than our favourite petrol head, Chris Harris. HArris takes the Jag – which produced 550 horsepower by the way – around the track and gives us a little peek as to what it would feel like to drive one.

Once again, a great, entertaining and informative video by mr. Harris.

Check it out below:


Spy Shots: Jaguar F-Type R-S Coupe

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F-Type Coupe

If these spy shots are anything to go by, then supercar manufacturers might want to pull up their socks and get ready for when the Jaguar F-type Coupe finally arrives.

Currently, the fabulous F-type is only available as roadster while Jaguar continue to fine tune the finishing touches on the roadsters sibling, the coupe.

The official debut for the F-type Coupe is scheduled in just a couple of weeks time – at the Frankfurt Auto Show. (more…)

Tour de France winner’s Sexy Jaguar

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Chris Froome's Jaguar

If winning the grueling Tour de France wasn’t enough, this year’s winner, African-born Chris Froome, has received a (very) nice congratulatory gift from Jaguar.

The man that took on France and conquered has been giving a brand new bespoke Jaguar F-type from the UK-based company for enduring and eventually winning the 2013 Tour de France. (more…)

Jaguar F-Type finally gets a production go-ahead

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The Jaguar F-Type has been a model seeking production approval for around 12 years now considering that it was first showcased as the XK180 Concept in 1998.

Since then, the financial crisis crippled the prototype’s future and Jaguar rightfully decided to dump the project but it was back in 2008 as insiders from Jaguar started talking about the production of the F-Type once again.

Jaguar F-Type 2

Under the new ownership of Tata, the good news is that the F-Type will finally be developed as a driver-focused sports car which will feature top of the line engines and technologies.

What is more, the closure of the Jaguar UK plant has been sped up and China and India will be home to the new company factories in the not to distant future.

However, it does remain uncertain whether the F-Type will be rolled out of the UK facility before its closure.

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