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Futuristic Aston Martin to make it’s debut in Gran Turismo 6

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Concept cars are great. Mostly because it is, after all, only a concept and you can really let your imagination go. Not only are concept cars fun to design by designers themselves, but its also great for us car fanatics to see what people come up with and what we can possibly see in the near future.

This latest Aston Martin concept is like something out of a sci-fi film – and it’s awesome.

Called the DP-100, Aston Martin actually teamed up with video game development studio, Polyphony Digital, to come up weigh the idea. And why a video game developer? Well, because the car will actually make its debut in a video game.

Say hello to the latest addition to Gran Turismo 6’s line up! (more…)

BMW 5-Series GT, Breaks Out

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The release of the ‘unintentional’ little teaser video of the testing of the BMW 5-Series GT probably is a good sign that the folks at BMW will soon launch the luxury sedan/coupe. Sporting distinct toned down stylistic flares, normal sized wheels, beige leather interior, standard mirrors and rounded dual exhaust tips, it looks both stylish and lavish. The interiors steal the show with their cabin like setting, the sophisticated dashboard and it looks like the very best when it comes to coaxing comfort. With the recession at a probable peak, BMW might just wait a bit longer to launch the car, but when it does come out the 5-Series GT is set to sizzle the roads. We’re expecting it in Frankfurt, this fall. [via]