EDAG Reveals Light Car Sharing Concept

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EDAG has come up with a concept named Light Car Sharing, through which customers can rent the car. This idea revolves around the aspect that a customer needs to pay for the vehicle only when he uses it. The concept car sharing will be launched at the Geneva Motor Show and has been revealed ahead of it.


2011 Peugeot Unveiled

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Ahead of its launch at the Geneva Motor Show, Peugeot revealed the new 308 in all its glory. Available as a Saloon, CC or SW the car’s designs are fluent and transitions are smooth. The hatchback comes in exclusive Gti finish.


Tesla Model S Alpha On Road for the First Time

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Ahead of deliveries beginning in 2012, the Tesla Model S Alpha has hit the road for the first time. Tesla will test the car in two phases – Alpha and Beta. Tesla had started the Alpha testing session in 2010 and will now rigorously test the car hereafter in different climatic conditions. Before the car reaches its customers Tesla will extensively test the vehicle using computer simulations and test vehicles.


Real-time traffic enabled GPS system can save drivers four days per year and cut emissions by 21%

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Traffic congestion is a global problem and the concern has been aggravated with the introduction of smaller and cheaper cars. Once stuck in a traffic jam you can seldom do anything to help your self other than being patient. Instead of getting stuck in jams, it is advisable that you get a real-time traffic enabled GPS on-board for that would save you time and reduce the car’s emissions as well.

It is not just a personal suggestion but a fact backed by a survey which reveals that real-time traffic info can save American drivers four days a year and could cut CO2 emissions by 21% which directly means a lot lesser harm to our beloved surrounding which is diminishing every damn day. Since this survey comes from NAVTEQ, this can be seen as a promotional tactic but we still believe there is an element of truth in it.


Why did you decide to buy that GPS device?

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Most of us know exactly why a GPS device is an important part of our safe travel in unknown areas…but why do we buy a specific make or model? We have raised this with one of the top SA accident investigators and received this response:

“ The more important question is – and remains – do you want to use it primarily in the City, cross-country, between cities on National Roads, Off-road, etc.? Before choosing a GPS, establish YOUR needs, then shop after getting the best “pound-for-your-buck.” Also keep in mind that – with all the building going on for 2010, you will invariably get out-of-date routing errors. We have been using GPS for about 6 years now, on a daily basis. Like a computer, the user can also influence the effectiveness of the device.. So, FIRST your needs, THEN your wants (bluetooth, etc), THEN price, THEN “coolness.” My 10c worth…”

This is a concise but rather accurate summary of some of the aspects to consider when buying a GPS device.
The Arrive Alive website will assist our drivers further with a guide titled

Autostyle Newsletter Issue 103

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A strong Rand exchange rate combined with the upcoming festive season translated into a MASSIVE price drop on Garmin & TomTom GPS Navigations.

Right now, the has been slashed from R2950 to a mere R2395, and to sweeten the deal further, we’v thrown in free door-to-door courier delivery.
Three new flat-series subwoofers make their way to us, 2 from the Starsound stable and the 3rd a Sony Xplod. Don’t let the compact size of these woofers fool you, they bang out as much bass as their larger counterparts.

Our popular alloy wheel is now available in a 15″ 4/100pcd version, adding to our Evo Tuning range is the 20″ Spyker. This is geared for SUV’s & Bakkies with a 6×139 pcd.

Check out for more new & exclusive products.

TomTom has arrived!

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Introducing TomTom, Europe’s leading GPS navigation systems. TomTom snuck into ZA land a few months ago, and now they’v found their way into .

We’v picked out their flagship models to start out with, the TomTom One, and TomTom XL. Widescreen being the primary difference between the two. The TomTom’s are jam-packed with features which we’v come to expect from any GPS navigation worth its salt. What makes the TomTom range stand out from its competitors: Afrikaans Voice Commands. Yes! Ja! The ONLY GPS navigator in Southern Africa to offer this feature.

Additionally the SD card is preloaded with maps for South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, Mozambique & Zimbabwe.

For more info, click the links below:

Garmin's Nuvi 200

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Garmin’s new Nuvi 200 brings worldclass GPS navigation at rock bottom prices. Based on the top of the range Nuvi series, Garmin have trimmed away the bluetooths, mp3 players and other features to give a basic, straightforward GPS Navigator. Competitively priced at under R3000 (R2950) , the ultra slim, feature packed Nuvi 200 is ideal for GPS newbies. It comes preloaded with South Africa Streetmaps, be sure to take the time to register on . Download their POI Software. Garmap releases weekly speedcamera, redlight camera & hijack hotspot alerts FREE OF CHARGE! Simply register, and download it as you wish.

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