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VW Golf GTI Edition Packs a Game for 35th Anniversary (Video)

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Volkswagen is packing something more than just a ride in their Golf GTI Edition 35. The company plans to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Golf GTI in alliance with mobile video game developer Fishlabs.


Beautiful VW Golf GTI W12-650 Concept

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There’s good stuff on carblog when it comes to Golf VI. Some think it’s ugly, some think it’s an amazing desing, but none have seen the new VW Golf GTI W12-650 Concept with a body kit from Exclusive Tuning Worldwide. it’s a new body kit that will cost you a whopping $16,000, but the result is nothing short of cool. Featuring a new front bumper with a large air intake, massive side skirts, a new rear bumper, a revised hatch, and a working quad exhaust system, we’re definitely sold on its looks. And we didn’t even count those stylish 18-inch GTI wheels … [via ]


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Since the new Golf 6 is the most disputed car on Car Blog, I’m pretty sure some of you will definitely enjoy the new VW Golf GTI MkVI that was presented during the Paris Motor Show. Inspired from the GTI W12 650 Concept the model isn’t due to be released on the market until Spring 2009, but it will be big. Technically the new GTI haven’t changed much, except for the the front bumper that features a one piece air intake and a set of fog lights and has a widebody appearance. It does have a little Scirocco and I’m not only talking about the outside, but also under the hood. The engines outputs 10 more bhp, to a total of 207 bhp while the emissions are down by 11g/km. Like it?

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