Proposed new gadget let’s you see through cars

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We all know the feeling: driving on a highway, at 120km/h+, when suddenly, you find yourself stuck behind a slow moving truck.

You sigh, take a deep breath, and then gently swerve to the right to try and see if the road is clear for you to pass the damned truck. Whilst mostly this works, and you can time your pass efficiently, it is nevertheless quotes dangerous.

How cool would it be of you could just see through the truck or bus in front of you and then make youor quick exit? Well, if thi snew gadget is anything to  go by- you CAN! (more…)

BMW Testing Camouflage System – IT WORKS

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No this is not an octopus, this is a camouflaged E65 BMW 7 series that’s dressed up like this because the German maker is testing new camouflage system in Munich, for their future prototypes. BMW admitted it to BILD, the biggest tabloid in the country.

BMW Camouflage System

My first impression was that this is the new 2009 BMW 7-series but at a closer look there aren’t many things different from the older version and I don’t think BMW would ever come up with the same product but under a different “color”. But think how many people made the mistake and how BMW laughs at them right now. The system works.
To be honest I wouldn’t mind driving a camouflaged version be it a 3-5 or 7-series. Would they build one if anyone asks ?

TomTom has arrived!

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Introducing TomTom, Europe’s leading GPS navigation systems. TomTom snuck into ZA land a few months ago, and now they’v found their way into .

We’v picked out their flagship models to start out with, the TomTom One, and TomTom XL. Widescreen being the primary difference between the two. The TomTom’s are jam-packed with features which we’v come to expect from any GPS navigation worth its salt. What makes the TomTom range stand out from its competitors: Afrikaans Voice Commands. Yes! Ja! The ONLY GPS navigator in Southern Africa to offer this feature.

Additionally the SD card is preloaded with maps for South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, Mozambique & Zimbabwe.

For more info, click the links below:

Garmin's Nuvi 200

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Garmin’s new Nuvi 200 brings worldclass GPS navigation at rock bottom prices. Based on the top of the range Nuvi series, Garmin have trimmed away the bluetooths, mp3 players and other features to give a basic, straightforward GPS Navigator. Competitively priced at under R3000 (R2950) , the ultra slim, feature packed Nuvi 200 is ideal for GPS newbies. It comes preloaded with South Africa Streetmaps, be sure to take the time to register on . Download their POI Software. Garmap releases weekly speedcamera, redlight camera & hijack hotspot alerts FREE OF CHARGE! Simply register, and download it as you wish.

LED wheels – move over spinners!

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Spinner rims are so yesterday. Rims with built-in color LEDs become reality with “PimpStar”. With the PimpStar’s built-in full color LED lights, microprocessor and wireless modem, you can display virtually any image, including text, graphics, logos, and even digital photos!

The included software allows you to create your own images and send them to each wheel individually or all wheels at the same time as you drive! You can even pre-load up to six images into each wheel and program them to change automatically at the time intervals you select.

A few cars have been spotted in the Milnerton area with these LED wheels on selling some company’s product. We wonder how long it will last in our neighbourhoods, I can see my car on bricks very quickly after getting a pair of these!