Ford to offer iTunes tagging on select 2010 models

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ford itunes

If music is something you cannot do without while driving and you’re in for a four wheeler sometime soon, you better look for the Blue Oval moniker, as we just heard that Ford will offer a new HD Radio receiver dubbed the crystal-clear radio sound with iTunes tagging capability and the receiver could be factory installed in select models. The users could tag their favorite songs on the display and could later download them once they purchase it through the iTunes store. A maximum of 100 songs can be stored on the SYNC which also allows you to dock your iPod and iPhone to directly download the songs. Ford is keen on offering a wide variety factory-installed customer-focused technology to the customers and the HD radio receiver with iTunes tagging capability is a pleasant addition.[via ]

2011 Ford Mustang GT gets an engine upgrade

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2011 Ford Mustang GT 1

Mustang fanatics predicted it and now Ford has officially confirmed that the 2011 Mustang GT will come with a new 5.0 liter V8 engine. The previous model featured a 4.6L V8 that was doing nothing less than 315hp and 325lb-ft of torque, while the upgraded engine will take the pony count to 412hp at 390lb-ft of torque and it will also improve the car’s fuel efficiency even though there’s a six-speed automatic transmission mated to the engine — 17mpg in the city and 25mpg on the highway. The extra mileage is courtesy of a combination of Ti-VCT, EPAS systems and an additional rear decklid seal that specifically improves aerodynamics. As for those who’d like the old six-speed manual, there aren’t any changes for that one.

Ford Focus RS Gets Mcchip Treatment for 401HP

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Ford Focus RS Mcchip 1

So you got your hands on a Focus RS but feel like your little beast is capable of more, how about getting some help from the crazy German tuners from Mcchip who have recently taken the RS to the highest levels? The stock version already churns in a good 224kW (305hp) and 440Nm of torque, but the Mcchip Focus RS brings two tuning levels to choose from. First one is a 254kW (345hp) version with 520Nm of torque and a top speed of 271km/h for €799, while Power Stage 2 goes even more extreme 295kW (401hp), maximum torque of 612Nm and a top speed of 278km/h if you can afford some €4,499.

Ford GT Geiger HP 790 Finally Unveiled

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Ford GT Geiger HP 790 1

GeigerCars have been working on a high-end performance package for the Ford GT which they released to the public. Dubbed Geiger HP 790 it includes a variety of goodies such as a 4.0-liter compressor (which, compared to the 2.3-liter original one should give you quite a boost) a high-grade air filter for sports cars or fine tune-ups to the engine electronic systems. All these changes help the Ford GT Geiger HP 790 output an astounding 790 horsepower, helping it pelt from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.6 seconds. On top of these all, the car also got a lowered (6cm) suspension, a new exhaust system, and custom rims with Dunlop SP Sport Maxx tires.

2010 Facelift Ford Mondeo Spy Shots

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The Ford Mondeo has been a heartthrob for millions of people across the globe and all four generations of the Mondeo have been successful. The last one came up in 2006 and since then a facelifted model has been eagerly awaited. For the very first time, the 2010 facelifted Ford Mondeo was caught testing on camera but unfortunately it was heavily camouflaged. The camouflage may ironically mean that the 2010 model — which will be showcased at the Geneva Motor Show next year — will be heavily updated. Apparently, it is been speculated that the Mondeo will come with a better engine that will be fuel efficient. From the look of things, new front and rear bumpers along with a new grille might also be on show in the Mondeo. [via ]

800hp+ Ford Fiesta, Orange Beast

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We don’t know much about the Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb on July 19, but we have a passion for fast cars. Cars that have something to say about themselves. And that beautiful orange Ford Fiesta is just the thing we needed. Customized by Sweden’s Olsberg Motor Sport Evolution team, the beast is powered by a high performance 2.0-liter Duratec engine that outputs more than 800 hp to an all-wheel drive system and a unique Rallycross sports suspension. A great example of perfect tuning, right? [via ]

Ford Capri Could Make a Comeback (Rendered Speculation)

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Although they announced losses in Q1 2009, Ford managed to survive without taking money from the US Administration. And they continue to do a great job amidst  the bad financial times. Latest rumor surounding the factory though, is that the renowned Ford Capri is going to make a comeback sometime soon. Designed as a Scirocco slayer by Andrei Avarvarii, the new Capri is probably going to be a performance car with good enough credential. So far rumors have it that for this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show in September, Ford is going to show off the first concept version after a LONG time. [via ]

2010 Ford F150 Harley Davidson Edition

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With financial markets going (only) down and customers considering smaller cars that consume less, it’s surprising to see that Ford is introducing their 14th Harley Davidson F-series pickup. With a stylish unique exterior that includes a new grille with slim horizontal chrome bars and 22-inch wheels outfitted with low-profile performance tires, the 2010 Ford F150 Harley Davidson Edition features a unique exterior that charms you on a first glympse. Painted in a Tuxedo Black and a new deep maroon called Lava, there’s an elegant Harley Davidson interior with red and black leather seating that makes for an exclusive experience. And there’s a monster under the hood; a 5.4-liter V8 engine that produces 320 hp and 390 lb-ft of torque. Expected to rock at the 2009 Chicago Auto Show, the truck has a starting price of $40,000.