Ford Focus RS500 Revealed Surprisingly Early

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The Ford Focus RS500 limited edition which is being sold to wind up the production of the current generation Focus model has been detailed earlier than expected. Ford has stated ‘overwhelming interest’ in the hatchback as the reason for the early revelation of this commuter. The RS500 will be limited to 500 units and it will be sold in 20 European markets beginning in May.

2011 Ford Focus RS500 1

The exclusive model comes with a 2.5-liter five-cylinder motor that produces 345hp with 460Nm of torque. Compared to the basic current generation Ford Focus model, this edition dashes 0.3 seconds quicker to the 100km/h mark , clocking a hasty 5.6 seconds. The top speed is also an appreciable 265km/h thanks to an updated ECU, a bigger air filter, a larger air intercooler and a widened downpipe. Custom RS500 limited edition signs include a console-mounted metal plate engraved with the car ID number, Recaro seats, a six-disc Sony Audio System and dual-zone climate control.

2011 Ford Mustang First V6 Engine Powered Sports Car to Hit 30mpg

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If you’ve waited for the right time to drive home a Mustang, this spring shall be the time you should look up to! With the 2011 Ford Mustang up for the grabs this spring, there isn’t a better pony you can grab as the 2011 model becomes the first commuter in the history of automobiles to achieve over 30mpg with a V6 engine intact.

2011 Ford Mustang 3.7-liter V6 1

Precisely, the 2011 Ford Mustang has officially achieved an EPA fuel economy rating of 31mpg on the highway and 19mpg in the city becoming the fist 300hp car to achieve such economy numbers. The 2011 Mustang comes with an all-aluminum 3.7-litre V6 engine which achieves such high efficiency numbers when mated to a six speed automatic transmission. There is also a manual transmission version which too returns 29mpg on the highway while the city numbers stay unaltered.

2007 Chevy Silverado vs Ford F150

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Wonder which is a better truck between the 2007 Chevy Silverado and the Ford F150? Here’s who wins it by a LONG shot …

2010 Matech Ford GT1 Unveiling [Video]

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The new Ford GT has just been upgraded by the folks from Matech to be a real racer. Dubbed the 2010 Matech GT1, “the car is completely new. Not a single element, be it the engine, the transmission system, the suspension or aerodynamics are the same as those of the Ford GT1 from 2009. The roll-out was very promising, and we are confident with regard the forthcoming season.” Looks sharp, isn’t it?

Facelifted 2011 Ford Mondeo Spied Winter Testing

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2010 Ford Mondeo Facelift Spied 1

Around for more than 17 years, Ford Mondeo is the company’s top-rated family car and plans to be for the future, too, as spy photographers have managed to click a few images of the facelifted 2011 Mondeo during its cold weather testing along the European route E45. Inspired by the Kinetic Design Language, the new model will feature a new front bumper, LEDs on the front and the rear, an all-new grille, new side mirrors and LED clusters. Experts also anticipate a different rear bumper and a reworked interior. The images also reveal that the car will feature a TDCi engine which may probably be the 200hp 2.0L Ecoboost mated to a six-speed dual clutch transmission or the 2.0-liter Duratorq TDCi diesel. A future model may also include a 4 cylinder 1.6L Ecoboost capable of churning 180hp. [via ]

Ford to Upgrade Engines and Transmissions for 2010

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2011 Ford Mustang GT engine

In a recent news announcement coming from Ford, we just heard that the company plans on coming out with 9 new engines and 6 new transmissions for 2010. Ford has shown great interest and is determined to upgrade all their engines, and although largely meant for the North American market, the new technology — to an extent — is borrowed from its European operations. That means that in 2010 we can expect 9 new engines and 6 new transmissions that include the Ti-VCT 305 horsepower, a 3.7 liter V6 for the 2011 Mustang or the V8 5.0 liter with 412 hp and 390 lb-ft of torque for the 2011 Mustang GT.

2011 Ford Mustang Breaks Cover at NAIAS

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2011 Ford Mustang GT 1

At this year’s NAIAS in Detroit, Ford took the wraps off their new 5.0-liter V8-powered 2011 Ford Mustang GT. Known for its muscle, the 412hp output and the 390 ft-lb of torque (increased with 97hp and 65 ft-lb torqu from the 4.6 liter version), helps the Mustang GT go naught to 60mph in just under 4.7 seconds. As a standard the car comes with a six speed automatic gearbox that manages a 17/25mpg rating, but doesn’t forget those willing to shift themselves and have added the option for a six speed manual gearbox.

The new 2011 Ford Mustang GT includes new suspensions, an aerodynamic rear deck lid and an electronic power-assisted steering for a great driving experience. As the car has more power now, everyone assumed that brembo brakes would be included in the standard edition, but surprisingly one has to buy them separately.

No word regarding price for the new 2011 Ford Mustang.

Ford Crowned North American Car and Truck of the Year 2010

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The Fusion Hybrid and the Transit Connect by Ford have been named the North American Car and Truck of the Year respectively at the 2010 Detroit auto show. It has only been three times in the past that a single company has won both awards.

2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid

This was pretty much what everyone expected as the Fusion Hybrid got a hands up for its super attractive styling, including its advanced powertrain, and stellar fuel efficiency (it is rated at 41 mpg city / 36 mpg highway). It easily left behind the Buick LaCrosse and Volkswagen Golf/GTI.

To everyone’s surprise the Transit Connect won the North American Truck of the Year. It was quite an upset for many as the Transit Connect faced kinda stiff competition from the likes of Chevrolet Equinox and Subaru Outback, but still it won even though it being a commercial-oriented vehicle.

A panel of 49 automotive journalists selected the winners at the Detroit auto show from a huge list of contenders which included “all-new” and “substantially updated” models.