1957 Ferrari 250 TR Sold for a Record Breaking $12.1 million

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One of the things that goes great during the bad economy, car auctioning seems to be doing not good, but great. RM Auctions in association with Sotheby’s managed to sell a rare (only 22 ever built) 1957 Ferrari 250 TR for a whopping $12.1 million. Auctioned at Ferrari’s Maranello factory the legendary Testarosa is outputing a grande 319kW (434hp) is painted in a dashing black with white and red accents. We definitely wonder who’s the lucky guy or if he’s going to drive or not. That’s a beautiful beast to have as a pet in your garage. Don’t you think?

Hand-Built Wooden Ferrari Engine On eBay

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Bill Dietz is amazing guy. He has an amazing passion when it comes to cars. And to prove it, check out this special Ferrari 365GTB/4 V12 Daytona engine. A piece of art made from eleven different woods (from oak to Philippine mahogany) he managed to recreate everything from the valve covers to carburetors and from the velocity stacks to the bolts holding the pressure plate. With an accent on details and a lot of talent and passion for cars, Bill definitely managed to come up with a unique piece of craftsmanship. It’s now at $2,650 so get in fast if you want to bring it home … [via ]

Geneva Preview: Ferrari 599 HGTE

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Although the world crisis deepends, at the next month’s Auto Show in Geneva, Ferrari will introduce their HGTE (Handling Gran Turismo Evoluzione) for their 599 model. There aren’t many official details about it, but it’s expected to feature a new front grille, 20-inch three piece wheels and a new rear exhaust, while on the inside you should expect more carbon fiber trim and new sports seats. We can’t vouch that you’ll afford it, but with a standard V12 engine that outputs 620 hp (608 Nm of torque) that takes it naught to 100km/h in 3.7 seconds you should consider it. Of course if you can afford an estimated £17k ($25k US) price increase over the 599 GTB – which we are not sold on. [via ]

* Image: Ferrari 599 GTB One to One

Cristiano Ranoldo's Wrecked Ferrari 599 GTB

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Now girls, don’t you get worried or anything, because the young Cristano Ronaldo had no serious injuries. His car though… it’s a wreck now.The reigning European Footballer of the Year, Ronaldo was driving alone in his supercar – a Ferrari 599 GTB that has a 6.0-litre V12 engine under the hood which outputs 612hp and tops at 330 km/h, when the incident happened. We can’t say if he’s too young for such a vehicle or there are other problems involved, but that certainly looks like a red card to me. As for the car, don’t worry, he’ll score a few goals for Manchaster United and buy another one in a week. [via ]

Ferrari Concept Bike Looks Amazing

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Though we’d like Ferrari to keep focusing on building amazing cars, we can’t take a look and not say anything about that incredible concept bike. Dubbed V4 Superbike, packing a modified engine from a Ferrari Enzo, F-16 fighter jet hand controls and buttons like those from a F1 race car, this must be the most amazing bike I’ve seen in my whole life. Badass enough?

Ferrari F430 16M Scuderia Spider

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To celebrate the 16th driver’s championship in Formula 1, Ferrari decided to reveal all the details on their newest F430 16M Scuderia Spider model. With a hardtop roof, California‘s 4.3-liter V8 engine that sports 510 hp, a smart super-efficient, dual-clutch 7-speed transmission the new F430 sure looks like a winner. So if you’re one of those rich sheiks in the Gulf then you’d better prepare some cash because Ferrari is only going to build 499 units of the F430 16M Scuderia Spider. You don’t wanna miss on that one …. right? – via

FIA May Bring Standard Engines in F1 : Toyota & Ferrari to Leave

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Those jerks guys at FIA are trying to push a new regulation starting with the 2010 F1 championship and that is standard engines for all teams. I’m not going to ramble on why I think that’s a very very very bad decision because you probably feel the same. However, I plan on telling you that hearing rumors that such a major rule might be in place from next year, Ferrari and Toyota already made up their minds. They’re going to pull out unless those brainless guys that rule F1 change their minds. I’m hoping for an alternative solution to spiraling costs associated with engine development, because standard engines is not yet a viable one. – via

Ferrari California Price Revealed

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Do you remember Ferrari California? Do you remember the way it looks? it doesn’t matter if you said yes or no, the most important thing is … can you afford one because we know how much it will sell for (at least in the UK). The Brits already know price for the new Ferrari California and it’s £143,000. What you get for the money? Great looks that cover a 4.3-litre V8 beast that does 460 bhp at 7500rpm, weighs 1735kg, features a 7-speed double-clutch transmission and does 0 to 100km/h in under 4 seconds. Amazing? You betcha!