Is This a New Ferrari?

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new ferarri model

Does it get better than this? What we are staring at is the new Ferrari. Or is it? Going by the pictures in front of us, we are tempted to slip into the driver’s seat and do some guesswork as to when this beauty of a machine will arrive for real. By the way, we have just these pictures and we aren’t quite sure as to whether these are indeed real. We are charmed by what we see, but can’t tell you more about the sexy wheels displayed here. On that note, permit us to leave it for you to decide. If you think it’s the new real Ferrari that you would get to see or even drive, dive into these pictures. Indulge! Have fun!

new ferarri model

new ferarri model


Ferrari F430 Spider Catches Fire in Singapore

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Ferrari F430 Bursts into flames in Singapore 1

As weird as it may sound (or not) a Ferrari F430 Spider was caught bursting into flames somewhere in Singapore. The exquisite Spider reportedly caught fire on April 28th at 11:56 am (local time) and until now, there are no specific details available as to how the commuter charred to ashes. Luckily there was no one injured in the mishap but despite quick efforts by the Singapore Civil Defense Force to save it from burning completely, the final result was the same. Brings tears to our eyes.

Luca di Montezemolo Steps Down As Fiat Chairman

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Luca di Montezemolo

Luca di Montezemolo has stepped down as the chairman of Fiat and he is to be replaced by 34-year-old John Elkann. Montezemolo will however continue to function as the president of Ferrari and he declined any reports of joining the Italian Politics or even forming an individual party, insisting that he will always be on the Fiat board and he will never stop heading Ferrari. Montezemolo also mentioned that he is still in favor of major teams such as Ferrari and McLaren being allowed three cars in the Grand Prix circuit. Another one of his desires is to see Rossi competing in the F1 after he wins the MotoGP for the umpteenth time this season.

Five New Ferrari Special Series Models to Surface by 2013

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edo competition Enzo XX Evolution

An all new Ferrari 458 Spider and a Ferrari Enzo are already slated for a release by 2013 and the big news is that Ferrari will unveil four new models other than these two scorchers, with in the next three years.

The Ferrari buffs are already preparing themselves to receive the 458 drop-top and an all-new 612 Scaglietti with a V12 engine next year and the 612 may even surface as a hybrid option . What was also announced was a new special series Enzo which is supposed to join the all-new 599 GTB Fiorano in 2012.

The Scuderia 458 is also up for a facelift in 2013 while California M is slated to arrive somewhere around the same time. Within the next three years Ferrari is in the mood t o conquer the supercar market and the good thing is that Ferrari is also thinking about greener options.

Ferrari's Felipe Massa to Get a Three Year Contract Extension

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Felipe Massa

Felipe Massa is working wonders for Ferrari this season ahead of much hyped teammate Fernando Alonso and the 28-year old Brazilian driver might be rewarded with a contract extension sometime soon. As per the rumor mill, Massa is being extended for three years and his new contract will run through to the end of 2013 which will make him even more secure than Alonso. It was earlier being speculated that Robert Kubica could replace Massa as Alonso’s teammate in 2011. Massa has turned out to be the star performer this season and Ferrari is in no mood to let him go. Indeed, Stefano Domenicali told German magazine Sport Bild that Ferrari wants “to build with Felipe into the future”.

Ferrari 599 GTO Totally Uncovered

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Ferrari 599 GTO 1

Well folks, we won’t have to wait for some auto show to get a detailed glimpse at the upcoming Ferrari 599GTO as a set of spy shots have done the job for us. The unearthed images reveal a sturdily aggressive looking commuter, something that wasn’t hinted by the previous spy flicks. Coming from a French source, this set of images also affirms Ferrari’s love for the two-tone look which was also spotted in the previous images. The 599 GTO will sport a 6.0-liter V12 beast that will be capable of churning 690 hp at the max. Though the official details are yet to arrive, the base 599 GTO will bear a probable price tag of €267,136 and this does not include taxes. [via via ]

Ferrari 599 GTO 2

More Details about the Ferrari California with Manual Transmission

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Ferrari California 2

If any of you had doubts about the Ferrari California also sporting a manual transmission other than the standard automatic one, it should now be cleared as Ferrari has detailed the particular variant. It will feature a six-speed manual option which may be a tad low in terms of performance but it will reportedly meet a 10% customer demand. The manual version will pelt from 0 to 100km/h in 4.2 seconds which will be a whole 0.3 seconds slower than its automatic cousin. The manual variant will also consume more fuel at 13.1l/km compared to 17.9l/km of the DCT version. The top speed will remain the same irrespective the transmission-311 km/h.

Next Generation Ferrari 612 Scaglietti Mule Spied

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2012 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti 1

More images of the 2012 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti Mule testing in cold weather conditions closer to the Arctic Circle have thronged the web. The latest set of images reveals three test mules of the next generation 612 Scaglietti which is expected to arrive in 2012. The images highlight a longer wheelbase along with a new exhaust system, a budging hood and a redesigned front bumper. Engine options for the upcoming model will include a V12 beast capable of churning 533hp with 588Nm of torque and this will be mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. The combination will enable the 2012 model to dash from 0 to 62mph in less than 4 seconds while the top speed will be 200+ mph. Rumors are ripe about the 2012 Ferrari 612 hosting an AWD powertrain and a hybrid unit as well.


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