2 Ferrari Enzo’s and an Empty Airstrip…

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What do you do when you have two, stunning Ferrari Enzo’s and an empty airstrip?

You drag race them of course!

The video below features two Ferrari Enzo’s, one black and one red, taking part in a drag race at the Royal Air Force Base. Many people argue that the Enzo is one the best Ferrari’s ever built – so this challenge sure is exciting!

Check out the video below to witness (and hear) the roaring Ferrari’s!


The Velveteen Ferrari

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Velveteen Ferrari

Some people have taken the term ‘luxury car’ to the next level – as this Ferrari 599 GTB wrapped in black velvet proves.

The owner of this Ferrari, that was recently spotted cruising around London, must really want his car to look (and feel) luxurious. Either that or he is a really big fan of Allanah Myles’ 80’s hit, ‘Black Velvet’. (more…)

New Ferrari 458 Spyder

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How do Ferrari do it? Just when you thought they’ve lost the plot and given up making cars that I want to have as a poster on my wall, they come up with this. The convertible version of the already ridiculously good looking 458 Italia. Prepare to bite your knuckles.

Full Gallery and a bit of information here

Drag Racing Ferrari 458

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It is incredibly ironic, I feel, that you can buy a new Audi R8 with a good old fashioned, solid steel, open H-gate gearshift, but you cannot buy a new Ferrari with the gearshift they helped make the object of boyhood dreams. Well at least my boyhood dreams. Ferrari don’t even make a manual transmission for this car.


Ferrari 458 Italia Grand Am Racecar Arrives

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Ferrari has always something in  store for race car enthusiasts. The company is now set to charm the world with its new 458 Italia Grand Am race car.


2012 Ferrari 599 Successor Spotted (Video)

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It seems the Ferrari 599 successor will not be just a face-lifted version of 599. Such has been the success of the Ferrari Four (FF) concept and reports indicate that the company will now come up with an all-new car replacing the 599 by late 2012.


Ferrari Super America 45 Gears Up for Launch

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Ferrari Super America 45 will make its debut at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este. BMW has announced that the model comes up featuring a 6.0-liter six-cylinder engine, which is nothing but a 6.0-liter V12 one. The bespoke convertible was reportedly commissioned by a wealthy New Yorker.


Ferrari FF Concept Flaunts 4RM System (Video)

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As you already know, Ferrari had debuted its first ever AWD system at the Geneva Motor Show. The automaker had brought in its new 4RM all-wheel drive system for the Ferrari Four concept or “FF” at the motor show last week.