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Ferrari 599 Successor Caught on Spy Cam

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We are thrilled to bring to you some spy pictures of the evolving hybrid form of the Ferrari 599 successor. Going by the images, we guess the test vehicle sports what looks like a redesigned hood of the 599 GTO body.


2012 Ferrari 599 Successor Spotted (Video)

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It seems Ferrari 599 successor will not be just a face-lifted version of 599. Such has been the success of the Ferrari Four (FF) concept and reports indicate that the company will now come up with an all-new car replacing the 599 by late 2012.


Ferrari 599 GTO Totally Uncovered

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Ferrari 599 GTO 1

Well folks, we won’t have to wait for some auto show to get a detailed glimpse at the upcoming Ferrari 599GTO as a set of spy shots have done the job for us. The unearthed images reveal a sturdily aggressive looking commuter, something that wasn’t hinted by the previous spy flicks. Coming from a French source, this set of images also affirms Ferrari’s love for the two-tone look which was also spotted in the previous images. The 599 GTO will sport a 6.0-liter V12 beast that will be capable of churning 690 hp at the max. Though the official details are yet to arrive, the base 599 GTO will bear a probable price tag of €267,136 and this does not include taxes. [via via ]

Ferrari 599 GTO 2

Ferrari 599 GTO Spy Shots

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Ferrari 599 GTO spy photo 2

The street legal version of the 599XX, the Ferrari 599 GTO is the next big arrival in the auto industry and spy photographers in Maranello managed to get a handsome look at one of its prototypes. The prototype comes with a fresh looking carbon fiber roof and a huge rear diffuser set amidst two exhaust pipes. The front bumper also looks a fresh creation and so do the grille and the wheels. On the inside, all that the spy cams could click was the new seating set-up. Engine speculations for the Ferrari 599 GTO suggest a 700 PS 690 bhp 6.0L V12 monster that will help the street legal version hit 100km/h in 3.2 seconds while topping it out at 350km/h. Slated for a debut later this year, the 599 GTO will cost around €340,000. [via ]

Ferrari 599 Hybrid confirmed for Geneva Debut

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The brains from Modena cannot ignore the fact that the world is turning “green” (protecting the environment, more or less, that is) hence why Ferrari has confirmed the debut of a 599 hybrid, a fuel efficient version of the 599GTB.

Ferrari 599 Hybrid

The Ferrari 599 hybrid will be break cover at the Geneva International Motor Show in March. Ferrari made the decision public at the introduction of the 2010 Ferrari F10 Formula 1 car. Ferrari is keen on bringing the F1 technology to the street vehicles and the 599 hybrid is being considered as the stepping stone where the KERS (kinetic energy recovery system) has been evolved to reduce fuel consumption in tandem with regenerative breaking. It will run on a system based on Li-on batteries and an electronic motor which will be placed on either side of the transaxle. The KERS system will serve as electric power boosting the energy produced. The entire petrol-electric combination will improve the fuel consumption by 35% rendering combined economy ratings of 14mpg.