Alonso wins Season Opening F1 Race in Bahrain

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While a few put their money on the returning veteran Schumacher in Bahrain and a few others though it would be Red Bull to take home the laurels, it was Fernando Alonso from Ferrari who eventually managed to win the season opener in Bahrain.
Alonso Wins Bahrein 2010

Red Bull did run the show initially but it was an exhaust problem which pegged back the Red Bull driver’s advance on the F1 circuit. Sebastian Vettel was the pole sitter for the race but with reduced power he managed to finish fourth. The German driver considered himself lucky to finish the race but he thought he should have won it. For Massa, it was an emotional comeback after a career treating injury marred his prospects in the last edition of the F1 racing. Meanwhile, Rosberg managed to defeat Schumacher and finish fifth, just one place ahead of the seven time world champion.

Lotus 2010 F1 Car T127 Launched

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Lotus T127 - Lotus Cosworth Racing Launch1

With the Bahrain GP closing in, it was time that the Malaysian-owned F1 team Lotus unveiled its 2010 F10 car and Lotus has come up with the T127. The 2010 T127 comes in a deep green color with a yellow trim and the developers acknowledge that it is slightly overweight race car. Lotus started developing the car as late as September last year and hence it was difficult to develop a light car in just 5 months but the T127 does look shorter in appearance compared to the Ferrari or the McLaren F1 units. Team Lotus intends to finish every race this year and but realizes that it will not be easy. For Mike Gascoyne, one of the experts engineers from the F1 circuit, The T127 is a good, solid current car irrespective the fact that it was produced in 5 months. The race car will be thoroughly tested at Jerez next week.

BMW F1 vs BMW M5 on Video

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Been trying to find out who’d win if the BMW M5 and the BMW F1 would race on the track? The folks from Fifth Gear have the answer and it’s in the video below.

Schumacher to race for Mercedes Until 2012

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If earlier reports indicated that Michael Schumacher will be with riding under the Mercedes F1 team flag for only one year, we just caught wind that the German racer actually intends to be with the team until 2012. After 91 grand prix wins and a 16 year long career, Schumacher returns to the circuit being persuaded by his former Ferrari technical director, Ross Brawn.

Michael Schumacher and John Owen

It will take time to get over the Ferrari hang as Michael Schumacher won 5 titles with the red devils over a period of 14 years, prior to becoming an advisor for the Italians. Schumacher could end up as a brand ambassador for Mercedes once he is finished racing for the team in 2012. He also clarified that his number one driver status talks were a hoax as it was always up to the team management to decide his status and it will be no different while being on the new team. [via ]

Kimi Raikkonen wins the Belgian Grand Prix

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Kimster ended a 25 race drought ending first on the podium thanks to a first lap collision that saw Lewis Hamilton and the Jenson Button crash out of the race. Kimi Raikkonen did manage to win the Belgian Grand Prix but the day eventually belonged to the team that finished second on the Podium-Force India. The minnows first managed a pole finish and then Giancarlo Fisichella finished second on the podium giving Force India its first points on the table. Fisichella was a challenge all the way and he took the race down the wire with a second to choose between the two. Fisichella could have even finished first but Kimi managed to overtake the Force India Driver courtesy of the KERS-assisted technology.


The 2009 F1 Season Went Off With a Real Scorching Start

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Although many have complained (regarding the new regulations), the 2009 F1 Championship started this weekend. And it did with a huge bang, as a team that closed down last Christmas won the Australian GP. For Ross Brawn, his team and drivers Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello the first race of the season in Melbourne was a dream start which has thrown the remainder of the 2009 season wide open. The big boys are scurrying around for answers, while there are many out there who believe that Ross Brawn has found a little secret to success that no one knows about.

  1. J.BUTTON 10
  4. T.GLOCK 5
  5. F.ALONSO 4
  6. N.ROSBERG 3
  7. S.BUEMI 2

Looks likea  good year, isn’t it?

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2009 Renault R29 Revealed

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Just like Ferrari, McLaren or Toyota, Renault took the time to unveil their new 2009 R29 car for this year’s F1 Championship. Though the financial crisis got them too, the French managed to get a new sponsor – Total, who pumped some money for a new design that only needs to proves itself on the track. At the official presentation, Flavio Briatore got Fernando Alonso and Nelson Piquet to pull the cover off of the yellow beast and to pose together. Do you think they have a chance for 2009?

McLaren Unveils 2009 MP4-24 F1 Car

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Just a couple of day after Toyota announced their new F1 car, McLaren unveiled MP4-24, the little monster that will run the track for the 2009 F1 Championship. However, that’s not the only news we’ve heard? Apparently Ron Paul used the occasion to announce the pres that he’ll be stepping down as team principal starting March 1st, and that the new chief will be long time deputy Martin Whitmarsh. Now back to the new car features major aerodynamic changes that include a wider front wing and a more compact rear wing for better distribution, the addition of driver-adjustable front-wing flaps and a heavily revised diffuser. And did we mention that it will use the new KERS (Kinetic Enrgy Recovery System) device which harnesses the energy generated from the braking system and stores it in super-capacitor batteries for an additional 80 bhp. That definitely has to make it faster, don’t you think?