Mercedes S-Class EV Coming Soon?

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Automobile enthusiasts out there must already be aware that the redesigned Mercedes S-Class will be a plug-in hybrid. Now, there is some exciting news about a pure electric variant of the model.


Toyota iQ EV Prototype for Geneva

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Toyota will be bringing in a new electric vehicle prototype to the Geneva Motor Show. The drive train will be based on the famous Toyota’s Synergy Hybrid Drive system. With this electric vehicle the company has in its arsenal, full hybrid, plug-in hybrid and fuel cell hybrid vehicles.


Mazda to Lease Out Electric Vehicles to Japanese Customers

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Mazda has announced that they will develop an electric vehicle for the local government bodies and fleet customers in Japan. The vehicle is based on Mazda Demio and will be leased out to customers by spring 2012. Mazda’s intention is to collect feedback and user requirements about the electric drive technology. The EV to be leased out will have an estimated range of 200Km (124 miles)


Tesla Model S Alpha On Road for the First Time

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Ahead of deliveries beginning in 2012, the Tesla Model S Alpha has hit the road for the first time. Tesla will test the car in two phases – Alpha and Beta. Tesla had started the Alpha testing session in 2010 and will now rigorously test the car hereafter in different climatic conditions. Before the car reaches its customers Tesla will extensively test the vehicle using computer simulations and test vehicles.


First Lot of 350 Chevy Volts Heads for US Dealerships

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So the Chevy Volts have started reaching for the dealerships.  Though it might take time till next year for a full roll out,  the first lot of 350 Volt EVs has hit the road to dealerships in California, Texas, Washington DC and New York.


Audi A2 to be a Pure Electric Car

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Audi A2 electric vehicle

Audi has long been pondering over filling the vacant spot between the A1 and the A3 and now the official word is that the Audi A2, slated to fit in the bracket will be a pure electric commuter. Banishing previous reports of the arrival of a fossil fuel driven car, the A2 will be an all-electric variant which will challenge the likes of the BMW Megacity which will arrive in 2013. Comparing the previous A2 and the fresh arrival, the difference will also be in the usage of a steel space-frame. The similarity between the two would be the continuance of the one-box style design. [via ]

BMW Announces Megacity EV Assemblage in Leipzig, Germany

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BMW ActiveE Concept 5

BMW is keen to offer eco-friendly options to the world and a decision has been made to assemble the electric cars at the Leipzig facility. BMW chose the facility for its flexibility and capability for increased capacity. Models like the ActiveE, an electric variant of the 1series, will be produced in limited lumbers up front and then the Megacity EV will be rolled out in 2013. While the assembly will be in Leipzig spare parts will also be built in Wackersdorf and Landshut while the Li-on batteries will come from SB LiMotive which is joint venture between Samsung and Bosch. Megacity will be a battery laden commuter and carbon fiber usage will ensure high economy courtesy of the low overall weight.

Mercedes Benz Vito EV production to begin this year

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Mercedes Benz Vito EV 1

Mercedes is keen to expand its green bandwagon and the battery electric vehicle Evo is one of its important members. Mercedes has confirmed the production of the first 100 Evo units later this year and if the EV is a success, the German behemoth will manufacture 2,000 units more in the future. The first 100 customers to receive the car are primarily fleet operators and institutions, which are a part of a limited test run. 20 customers will be lucky enough to even get the delivery of the Vito in 2010. The EV Vito uses a 32 kWh lithium-ion battery which gives the commuter an overall range of 130km and it is powered through a 90kW electric motor. The Evo has an electronically limited top seed of 80km/h which is restricted to site urban environments.

Mercedes Benz Vito EV 2

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