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First Lot of 350 Chevy Volts Heads for US Dealerships

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So the Chevy Volts have started reaching for the dealerships.  Though it might take time till next year for a full roll out,  the first lot of 350 Volt EVs has hit the road to dealerships in California, Texas, Washington DC and New York.


Audi A2 to be a Pure Electric Car

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Audi A2 electric vehicle

Audi has long been pondering over filling the vacant spot between the A1 and the A3 and now the official word is that the Audi A2, slated to fit in the bracket will be a pure electric commuter. Banishing previous reports of the arrival of a fossil fuel driven car, the A2 will be an all-electric variant which will challenge the likes of the BMW Megacity which will arrive in 2013. Comparing the previous A2 and the fresh arrival, the difference will also be in the usage of a steel space-frame. The similarity between the two would be the continuance of the one-box style design. [via ]

Chrysler Announces Fiat 500E for the US

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Fiat 500 EV 1

To make the EVs mainstream, it is important that big auto manufacturing names think about introducing small EVs in huge car markets such as the US. Chrysler is thinking on these lines and hence it has announced the Fiat 500EV for the American market. While the combustion engine Fiat 500 will go on sale later this year in the US, the Fiat 500 EV will begin production in 2012. Chrysler will be looking to price the small EV competitively as the Chevrolet Volt and Mini Cooper E also will look to target the market No great details about the Fiat 500 EV have been revealed but it is told that the US edition will undergo further development at the Chrysler head-quarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Nissan LEAF Electric Vehicle UK Production to Begin in 2013

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After Japan and the US, it will be the UK which will see a full-scale production of the Nissan LEAF EV in the company’s Sunderland plant. While the Japanese production commences this year, US will see the LEAF being produced in 2012 and the UK plant will follow a year later.

2010 Nissan Leaf Electric Vehicle1

Nissan also intends to build an advanced lithium-ion battery plant in Sunderland and the construction should begin next month. While the automobile facility will render 50,000 LEAF units annually, the battery plant will have a capacity of 60,000 batteries per year .Collectively, the investment for both these projects will be somewhere close to an astounding £420 million. Nissan LEAF is touted as the first mass-produced and affordable family EV in the world and it will throng many streets across the world in a couple of years from now.

Joule EV ‘almost’ production ready variant showcased in Geneva

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Remember the Joule EV from the 2008 Paris Auto Show? Well if you see it at this year’s Geneva Auto Show, you will not really be able to recognize it given the amount changes the South Africa-based Optimal Energy designed commuter has undergone.

Joule EV by Optimal Energy 2

It is a near production ready variant that gets a showcasing in Geneva featuring revised styling changes and production ready equipment. Initially, only 100 prototypes of the Joule EV will be manufactured for testing and development purposes following which the EV will hit thorough production in the later half of 2012.

All these prototypes will be hand-built by Hi-Tech Automotive and once production begins it will be Germany’s EDAG and South Korea’s Energy Innovation Group who will supply the parts. The Joule EV is touted to have a maximum range of 143 miles when using the New European Driving Cycle or 186 miles when running on the Urban Dynamometer Driving Schedule.

Westfield iRacer Electric Vehicle breaks cover in Geneva

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There are a number of interesting electric vehicles at the Geneva event this year ranging from the EV Tata Nano to the Tag Heuer Tesla Roadster and the latest addition is the Westfield iRacer. Categorically, the Westfield Racer is an EV racer which is designed to compete in the EV Cup which is a one-make race car series launching in 2011.

Westfield iRacer electric vehicle 1

The iRacer version unveiled in Geneva is closest to the production model and the designer Elliott Hawkins believes that it has electric pulse running through its veins. The body construction material such as aluminum and recyclable plastics keeps the overall car weight down to 600kg. On the inside, the Westfield iRacer is powered Lithium Phosphate battery which produces 109PS with 1,000Nm of torque and this combination helps the car pelt from 0 to 60mph in less than 5 seconds with an overall top seed of 177km/h.

BMW Announces Megacity EV Assemblage in Leipzig, Germany

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BMW ActiveE Concept 5

BMW is keen to offer eco-friendly options to the world and a decision has been made to assemble the electric cars at the Leipzig facility. BMW chose the facility for its flexibility and capability for increased capacity. Models like the ActiveE, an electric variant of the 1series, will be produced in limited lumbers up front and then the Megacity EV will be rolled out in 2013. While the assembly will be in Leipzig spare parts will also be built in Wackersdorf and Landshut while the Li-on batteries will come from SB LiMotive which is joint venture between Samsung and Bosch. Megacity will be a battery laden commuter and carbon fiber usage will ensure high economy courtesy of the low overall weight.

Citroen C-ZERO Electric Vehicle Ready by Q4 2010

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The green minded have another reason to smile as the French from Citroen have announced that their C-Zero electric vehicle concept will actually see daylight by the end of 2010. Powered by a permanent magnet synchronous motor that outputs 64 bhp and 180Nm of torque, the C-Zero also gets a 16kWh energy boost from a 330-volt lithium-ion battery. All these help it reach 100km/h in 15 seconds and give the car a 130 km range — enough for your daily commuting.


The new Citroen C-Zero EV only takes 6 hours to fully charge at 220V and only 30 minutes on a 400V plug if you can settle with only 80-percent. Fitted with ABS, electric windows, air conditioning, ESP and six airbags, the new C-Zero is expected to hit the road by the end of 2010. [via ]