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Electric supercar, Renovo Coupe, revealed for first time

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Renovo Coupe

Tesla, watch out. There is a new electric kid on the block and it’s all sparkly and new and pretty impressive!

Meet the all new Renovo Coupe – an electric super car that looks to tackle Tesla and their Model S head on. The car was designed by Renovo, and don’t feel bad if you haven’t heard of them before.

Renovo is a startup based in the home of all fancy startups, Silicon Valley. Here, the company designed and developed the good-looking Renovo Coupe in secret for nearly 4 years. And finally, the Tesla rival has been unveiled to the public.

First off, the car really is beautiful. WHile it’s electric and certainly very modern, it has a classic, alluring vintage/retro look that definitely makes it stand out in the crowd. Not that said ‘crowd’ is very big – it’s pretty much only the Tesla Model S and the Renovo in it’s class. Although, things might start to look different once Tesla releases their planned electric coupe. (more…)

Fresh Pictures of the Tesla Roadster Sport

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There haven’t been many places where you could find the images of the world’s fastest electric roadster — Tesla Roadster Sport, but thanks to the first dedicated store opening in the East Coast, the pictures are finally out. This will definitely be a car to look out for as not many (indeed none of the cars until date) electric roadsters can clock a 0 to 60 timing of 3.7 seconds, bettering the 3.9 of the previous variant. There is also a slight power boost from hard-wound stator and increased winding density, a set of high-performance tires, with a revised suspension with adjustable dampers and anti-roll bars and minor exterior changes including black hood vents and similar wheels. The enthusiasts could get this one home in June next year for a starting price of $128,500.

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