RENNtech C74 Konzept Shown; Based on Mercedes C63 AMG

Published on Oct 20th, 2010, No Comments

RENNtech has introduced their C74 Konzept based on the Mercedes C63 AMG. The C74 Konzept includes a widebody kit, rear spoiler, front splitter, rear diffuser (all made from carbon fiber) and the set of Nitto INVO performance tires which will be fitted upon three-piece forged aluminum wheels.

RENNtech C74 Konzept4 RENNtech C74 Konzept Shown; Based on Mercedes C63 AMG (more…)

Golf GTI ECUTuning to 250hp by APS

Published on Oct 5th, 2009, 6 Comments

The Volkswagen GTI has also been an adorable hatch but that is not enough at times to draw admiration. Certain power-upgrades can do the trick and that is what UK Tuning House APS has done with the Golf. It has made the iconic hatch touch 250 horses courtesy of a turbocharged engine. The upgrade has also picked up the torque to 395 Nm which gives this commuter a breath of fresh air as far as the engine is concerned.

volkswagen golf gti mkvi 4 Golf GTI ECUTuning to 250hp by APS

The tuning house calls this power upgrade-Stage One, which is reflective of the higher power upgrades to come. APS outfitted the Golf with a turbocharged engine that helps achieve 250bhp with 395 Nm and 5800 rpm. Courtesy of this engine, this car clocks 0 to 60mph in 6.2 seconds and can achieve a top speed of 155mph. The price of this ECU is £599.