Insane: Drifting truck takes no prisoners (Video)

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Look, we have seen some pretty insane drifting maneuvers before, and all of them give us a thrill and most definitely puts a smile on our face. However, we have yet to see something like this.

We stumbled upon a video aptly called ‘Size Matters 2′.

In the video, a Super Turbo Castrol Freightliner takes centre stage and does what very few freight liners in its class can do. You can expect some crazy jumps and daring drifting – we promise it will keep you glued to your screen.

Check out the amazing video below:


Pagani Huayra Powerslides

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Pagani Gold

A Pagani Huayra is a sight for sore eyes. Not seen very often, but surely one of the more impressive super cars out there.

The Italian engineered sportscar has earned itself quite a reputation. One of them being it’s Top Gear record, that, might we add is still standing to this day.

The Pagani Huayra is the fastest  road-legal and streetworthy car ever to go round the Top gear test track, setting a time of 1 minute 13.8 seconds. (more…)

Red Bull rider’s Crazy Drifting

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Red Bull

Ok, Red Bull. We get it. You’re cars are fast and your drivers can handle them (very) well.

Red Bull recently sent a couple of their ‘drift masters’ to the Tianmanshan Mountains in Northern China to showcase their amazing drifting abilities up high. (more…)

Drifting and Drones in Detroit

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This could quite possibly be one of the coolest video’s we have posted.

The annual Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit, Michigan, is the world’s biggest one-day automotive event that draws more than 1 million spectators and over 40 000 classic cars. (more…)

Amazing Drifting Semi-Truck

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drifting semi

We all know that drifting a car is a pretty cool thing to do. Whether you want to impress your mates, the ladies or, just do it for yourself – drifting can easily make you feel like you are starring in The Fast and The Furious.

Have a look at this, mind-blowing stunt: This is a highly modified semi-truck that weighs about 4535kg or 4 and a half tonnes. It produces more than 2000 horsepower, which come from a six-cylinder, 14 liter supercharged diesel engine that is also paired to a turbo.

Check out the gallery below to see this incredible modified truck:

This truck took part in the Pikes Peak Hill Climb, which is an amazing feat by itself, but the coolest and most outrageous thing that this truck can do, is to drift! This truck seriously did it’s own thing by defying the law of physics and drifting!

Have a look at the video below to blow your mind:


Tokyo Drift, Or How It's Done in the Movies

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Remember Fast and Furious? Check out some interesting scenes from Tokyo Drift and they way they do it in Japan. Amazing abilities, don’t you think?

Drifting in a Jaguar XKR Wearing Flippers, Jeremy Clarkson Style

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Word is that the Jaguar XKR is the world’s best drifting car. But if you’re Jeremy Clarkson you’ll obviously need to test that yourself, see if it’s true, or not. So he did it by wearing flippers! So here’s how you do it …

Nissan 350Z Turbo Vs Dodge Viper Drifting

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For those with enough money to buy new rubber every two weeks, how about some serious drifting examples? Check out a Nissan 350Z Turbo against a Dodge Viper on the drifting wall in New Jersey. Boy these guys know what they’re doing. And the cars, they look … but better not talk about the cars. Just watch!

Be safe and don’t do that on the roads. Go for a track field instead!

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