The 2015 Ford Mustang will make its debut December 5th

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Get ready for the all-new, all powerful, 2015 Ford Mustang. Today, Ford announced that they will be revealing the new Mustang on December 5th.

The launch will also be broadcasted globally, with synchronized live showings in Los Angeles, Michigan, Dearborn, Barcelona, Shanghai and Sydney. (more…)

Mazda Shinari Concept on Show

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Mazda has unveiled the Shinari, a new four-door coupe concept, at a private press event held in Milan. The car indicates the future design direction for the Japanese brand. “Kodo”, Japanese for soul of motion, is the nickname that Mazda has given the new design language.


Lexus CT200h to Debut in Geneva

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Lexus is going to grab a lot of eyes at this year’s Geneva Motor Show and one of the reasons has to do with the fact that the company is going to unveil the new Lexus CT200h the only, full hybrid vehicle in the premium compact segment.

Lexus CT200H

Check out snippets from the official press release below:

Featuring second generation Lexus Hybrid Drive technology, the CT200h reinforces Lexus’ hybrid leadership in the premium market, joining the RX450h, GS450h and LS600h L to create an unprecedented range of full-hybrid vehicles.

The Lexus LFA will also be on show at Geneva, offering the opportunity to review the critically-acclaimed supercar in Europe before the initial order period closes at the end of the motor show.

Lexus’ press conference will be conducted by Mr. Andy Pfeiffenberger, Vice President Lexus Europe, and is scheduled for 16.45 on 2nd March, on Stand 4211 in Hall 4.

Tata Nano to Cost More in the US

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Tata Nano Europa 1

Tata Nano impressesed with its inexpensive price tag in India which made it cheapest car in the world, but over the other side of the globe, in the US, Nano will not be able to stick to its cost effectiveness. The obvious reason is that the Nano will need to undergo a number of changes to become drivable on American roads — like we mentioned last time. It will require a longer front end and even the engine will have to be upgraded to match the emission standards. On the inside, Tata Nano will require airbags, changed seats, sturdier roofing and an improved steering wheel.

The car did meet the crash test standards in Europe but the specifications are slightly different in the US. Tata Nano which has already been showcased at the Detroit Auto Show costs a modest $2500 in India but with all these changes incorporated, it will hit the $8,000 mark or may be even more.

Tata Nano to Debut in the US in 2011

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Tata Nano Europa at Geneva 2009

Tata Nano has got some good publicity at the North American International Auto Show and from what we hear, the Indian small car is expected to debut on the streets in the United States by 2011. With a 624cc petrol engine with just 2 cylinders that produces 33 horsepower, Tata Nano manages an amazing 65 miles per gallon fuel efficiency and should go North of $2,200. However, the only issue about the Nano is that it may not meet the safety measures imposed in the US. Now only if they’d bring it to South Africa, isn’t it?

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