Mercedes FCV in 2014

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Inspired from the success of the F-Cell World Drive, Daimler has announced its plans to launch a mass-market fuel-cell vehicle (FCV) in 2014.


Merc Electric Vehicles Next Year

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A new generation line-up of vehicles from the Mercedes Benz stables will be electric. A joint venture between Daimler and Robert Bosch GmbH points to such a probability. As per the JV agreement, Daimler is looking to rope in Robert Bosch’s expertise in developing electric motors for the new line up.


Third Generation Smart Fortwo Electric to Release in Early 2012

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The limited-edition test program model Smart Fortwo Electric Drive (ED), the one that comes under the category of second-generation comes with a hefty price tag. Though the vehicle is offered under the lease-only plan, the manufacturer, Daimler has announced a  $44,387 price.


Smart Fortwo+2 Model Spied

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Smart will be revamping its Fortwo with the addition of a pair of, seats and doors in the rear. The new model supposed to be called Fortwo+2 will be longer and wider than the current model to accommodate those extra set of seats and doors. This means increased wheelbase.


Daimler-Aston Martin in Talks to Outsource Maybach Production

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We are sure this is something that will excite you. We hear Daimler has begun parleys with Aston Martin to outsource the production of Maybach. The two auto giants are said to be holding talks as to reach a deal with regard to a situation where Aston Martin would get engine technology in exchange for building the next-generation Maybach.


2012 Mercedes-Benz SL Spotted at Nürburgring

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The test runs of the 2012 Mercedes-Benz SL have been on in Nürburgring motor sport complex in Germany. Although there were enough masking over the spectacular design changes, the spied photographs revealed the distinguish mark of Mercedes-Benz design on the flatter front nose of the car. The model has been designed by the company on a platform that resembles a classic body shape.